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Jun 8, 2016

C2 Paint Introduces New Waterproofer for Unsealed Wood, Concrete

Finishes company C2 Paint has developed a new line of eco-friendly coatings that the company says seals from the inside out to prevent water intrusion and dry rot.

“We are so proud to offer a product that provides a simple solution to a very big problem,” says Tom Hill IV, president of C2 Paint.

Designed for use on unsealed wood and concrete surfaces, C2 Guard is a non-toxic waterproofer that contains a flexible polymer that transforms and stabilizes the cellular structure of the wood, the company says. “This enhanced cellular structure resists water penetration, and prevents cracking, splitting, or warping, while at the same time reducing the effects of mold and mildew,” the company adds.

Fusion is a water-based product so it will not burn installers and contractors. It’s available in a range of natural wood tones, as well as custom tints, and it cleans up with soap and water.

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