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Sep 2, 2019

Duravit Unveils First Accessories Line with Philippe Starck

 Duravit Starck T soap dish Black Matt

Duravit has teamed up with long-time collaborator Philippe Starck to introduce a new line of bathroom accessories, the Starck T.

The first accessories line in the company and designer’s 25-year partnership, the products complete the modern bathroom with a wide variety of functional pieces that bring high design to every corner of the bathroom, the company says.

“The Starck T accessories collection is a strikingly versatile addition to our bathroom offering,” says Duravit USA President Tim Schroeder. “With a far-reaching assortment of options, Starck T addresses a market need for
elevated, adaptable accessories that can either enhance the current look of a bathroom or add an entirely new element of design.”

Ranging from toothbrush holders to towel hooks, the Starck T collection allows designers and architects to create a seamless, cohesive style aesthetic throughout the bath. Offering two finish options—classic chrome or an edgy, modern black matt—the Starck T expands personality and flexibility in the bathroom.

A notable highlight of the collection is a range of glass accessories that feature frosted, hand-blown glass, which “highlights the organic, thoughtful language of the whole series,” Duravit says.

In addition to the glass, pieces feature a fluid transition from the round base and end in a “T” shape. The company says it is the defining design feature of the series and reminiscent of the branching shape of a tree. This design element can be found in every piece in the new range, forming a recurring theme.

Duravit Starck T soap dispenser Black Matt

“This sophisticated mix of organic design and the highest quality of material and fabrication gives us the guarantee of longevity and timelessness,” designer Philippe Starck says. “Because the Starck T Collection by Duravit is for life.”

Starck T accessories are made with a concealed installation system that eliminates all interruption from nails or bolts. The new collection consists of 16 elements, including singular and double towel hooks; glass holders; soap dishes; soap dispensers; singular, double, spare, and covered toilet paper holders; three sizes of towel rails; towel shelves; two brush sets; and towel rings.

All pieces are available in Chrome or Black Matt.

Duravit Starck T glass holder Chrome


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