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Sep 5, 2017

Italian Design Firm Creates Innovative tuBI Smart Chandelier

Concepticon Studio has created an innovative smart chandelier that interacts with a smartphone, senses a homeowner’s needs, evaluates contextual conditions and adjusts its shape and function automatically.

Reciving the gold medal at the European Design Awards 2017, the fixture responds automatically, the firm says. “All you need to do is bring the illuminating body closer to the operating surfaces (tables or desks) to enhance users' visual comfort.”

The fixture uses a mobile "skeleton” that consists of a telescopic antenna controlled by an electric actuator; an elastic  "leather" system elastam, a fiber capable of extending its length by 500 percent; a "heart" consisting of two dimmable RGB light sources; and a "brain" consisting of an electronic control unit that coordinates all other systems and connects them to the smartphone.

All users need to do is connect their phone via Bluetooth and place the smartphone on the desktop. The lamp will detect the incidental luminosity on the table and the bulb will get brighter until the phone signals that the brightness on the floor is optimal for the activity to be performed.

The light intensity monitoring app also has a system for adjusting color tones, light temperature, and object length so that each user can configure the lamp to suit their taste.

“The ability to change shape and color allows considerable energy saving, as increasing the brightness does not increase the lamp power but moves it closer to the work surface,” the company says.

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