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Mar 1, 2016

This Machine Solves the Problem of Construction Site Dust

The makers of the BuildClean Dust Control System says the product virtually eliminates airborne dust that results from demolition, sanding, and other standard remodeling tasks, making spaces more livable for clients who choose to stay in their homes during a job.

The device removes up to 90 percent of the airborne dust generated in the remodeling process, which minimizes the migration of dust and preserves home livability even in the most challenging remodeling projects.

“The BuildClean System allows contractors to address the No. 1 issue that both the client and contractor share during home remodeling projects—construction dust,” says Brian Paich, business development manager for ITW BuildClean. “Failure to control the dust can cause health issues, damage belongings, harm repeat business or referrals, and damage a company’s reputation.”

BuildClean is important, the company says, because approximately 90 percent of homeowners stay in the home during a renovation.

Remodeling and demolition dust can trigger asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and problems for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the company says. Jobsite dust can also have an adverse effect on the health of pets that are in the home during construction. In addition, particles from sawing, scraping, and sanding can contain hazardous materials such as arsenic or lead.

Designed specifically for residential remodeling, the BuildClean unit keeps airborne dust in the job work area and then eliminates it. The system, which can exchange the air in a 6,000-cubic-foot room six times in one hour, draws air in through two particle-trapping filters, and returns clean air into the space. BuildClean’s 360-degree design and two-stage filtration system help maximize coarse and fine particle collection.

With plug-and-play operation, the product is easy to use. Dynamic fan speed control increases the motor speed as filters load, ensuring that performance is consistent and the desired CFM airflow is maintained. Moreover, an Auto Mode monitors the air—it runs at high when dust is detected—and lets the unit work without supervision.

Stoplight-style LED lights tell users when to clean or replace filters.



Good idea, but...$1000+ is not a realistic price for vacuum cleaner. I'll wait until the price is around $300. In the meantime, I'm negotiating with my customer about dust control, and I'm using plastic screening and my Ridgid professional vacuum with a dust bag.

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