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Jan 3, 2018

Pratt and Larson Embossed Series

Pratt and Larson embossed ceramic tile

The Embossed Series is a collection of 6-inch-square ceramic wall tiles in four decorative patterns. Available in 16 colors, the tiles are handpainted using the Polywash technique, which combines an underglaze or accent color with an overglaze to accentuate the embossed design.

About Pratt and Larson:

Pratt and Larson has been making custom, handcrafted tile since 1982 in the heart of Portland Or. While trends in tile change with the times our path as a company has been defined by our desire to create a beautiful product and a sense of responsibility to our employees and our customers. We take great care of every project placed in our trust and we strongly believe in the importance of a supportive and engaging workplace. 

Soure: Pratt and Larson

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