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Nov 20, 2017

11 Products That Prove the Drain Is Disappearing

Drains are some of the most underrated products in a house, seen and ignored, but these days manufacturers have applied a certain design discipline that makes them integral to the architecture.

One of the drivers the trend within the category is linear or trench drains, which give bathrooms a modern, uncluttered look as well as help create a barrier-free shower that is ADA-compliant.

“An increasing amount of bathroom owners are benefiting from visual spaciousness and freedom of movement,” says German plumbing brand Hansgrohe. “Stepless access to a pleasurable shower experience can already be considered synonymous with contemporary bathroom architecture. The trend has also become a success story for bathroom renovations. The shower specialist HÜPPE estimates that a good 30 percent of its shower enclosures are installed flush with the floor.”

Yes, linear drains improve the look of your bathrooms, but they also offer functional benefits for homeowners and even for contractors and tile setters.

“Linear drains do more than look cool and are far beyond an embellishment but an improvement,” says drain manufacturer and supplier QM Drains in Pompano Beach, Fla. “This essential part of the plumbing system of your shower is now an architectural focal point not just for waste water but to enhance the complete aesthetic of the space.

“There are many aspects of the linear drain that makes them an intelligent, unique choice due to the different options from a desirable fashion point of view,” the company continues. “Linear drains are an enhanced drainage method, and they offer a minimalist, seamless look to any shower. This remarkably simple way of getting rid of excess water is becoming the fastest-growing segment of the luxury plumbing.”

But linear drains aren’t the only options for a sleek bath. Today, tub, sink, and shower receptor manufacturers are also designing drains that blend into their cast iron, ceramic, or acrylic bodies.

The resulting look is a sleek fixture with no visible metal drains, unless a metal finish is the desired look.

Here are 11 drain options that will jumpstart some ideas for your next kitchen or bath project.


Blu Bathworks drain

Blu Bathworks


California Faucet Ceraline linear drain 

California Faucets


Easy Drain Linear Drain 

Easy Drain


Lacava Cover Drain Bath Sink



MTI Baths Hidden Drain Shower Receptor

MTI Baths


WetStyle Glacier Hidden Drain Shower Receptor



Duravit Stonetto hidden drain shower receptor



Villeroy & Boch hidden Drain Bath sink

Villeroy & Boch


Franke Chef Center Covered Drain Hidden Drain kitchen Sink



Kohler shower base pan in white



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Great article Nigel! Totally agree. Love those images. Will look ok into those products for a future BUILD! Best, Matt

All of these are great choices, the benefits of having a linear drain sometimes do outweigh the standard drain. Designer Drains actually just released a full line of linear drains, that I think rivals these. Take a look and let me know.


I love the look of linear drains, but as a person in a household with both very old plumbing and people with long hair, I use a hair-catching device over my round drain and collect quite a bit of hair after showers -- my own, and others'. How do linear drains deal with this issue? Are there internal screens to catch hair that can be accessed by the home owner? Are there after-market long, thin devices available to catch hair? Just wondering.

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