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Oct 24, 2016

14 Contemporary Cabinet Brands You Should Be Considering Now

Dark-brown cabinets from Poliform, one of several cabinet brands

Varenna by Poliform, poliformusa.com

According to NKBA, contemporary kitchen cabinets are trending in a big way and are likely to overtake traditional-style products any minute now.

The progression from a traditionally dominated industry to a contemporary love fest has been steady. But it was only a matter of time.


In the association’s 2016 trend report, transitional-style kitchens were the most preferred among survey respondents, though contemporary was the fastest-growing kitchen style. At the rate of growth, it is likely that the 2017 report will show contemporary-style products occupying the No. 1 spot.

In addition to the streamlined look they provide, contemporary cabinets—in wood veneer, laminate, or lacquer (and, usually, frameless full overlay)—increase the available storage space in the boxes. Plus the unfussy details scream up-to-date cool.

Though many national brands and local and regional custom cabinetmakers offer high-quality products, some brands made their names on offering largely contemporary systems.

Here are 14 brands to consider.



Don't you think there should be a banner at the top of your "article" that states it is advertisement?

nmaynard's picture

This is not an ad; it's merely a list of cabinet brands for designers to consider if they are looking for contemporary kitchen cabinets. Like the story says, there are many other brands out there.

These all would be very nice....in a museum. Certainly not family oriented, without full-time daily cleaning service. I guess if you can afford $40-60K in cabinets, you can afford the maid.

All you need is money and a long, long lead time. There are plenty of offerings within these manufactured lines that do not need full time cleaning service. There are actually laminate and thermafoil (although much nicer than I have seen in the US.) offerings. These are cabinets for those who covet brand, and many do. Why pay less? :/ Lots of locals could completely fabricate this aesthetic in the US for 1/2 the cost. Good design does not equal lots of money. Never has.

This was quite the list of 13 out of 14 foreign made products. There is 1 manufacturer of these 14 listed which is headquartered in the USA. These other brands are never inexpensive and always have extended lead times due to shipping from one continent to the other. Also the metric system is not used in most construction projects in the USA....
What about some fine cabinetry MADE IN THE USA. Looking contemporary or streamlined (frameless ) is not exclusive to foreigner manufacturers. Perhaps the writers of this article attributed to the NKBA have lost sight of the mission of the National Kitchen and Bath Assn. I thought the "NKBA" abandoned their quest to be the International Kitchen and Bath Assoc. about 5 years ago when they were (and still are) literally unknown in many mid-western and southern states in the U.S.A.

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Stay tuned. We have another story coming on traditional-style cabinets--something American cabinet companies excel at.

so much fraud

Did you forget to inform the public that many are euro in depth with cabinets and drawers from these companies are substantially less interior space. Did you mention the sub-standard materials of light core particle board. Or that they are not custom and are production cabinets. You can get the same here, minus the witty interiors for so much less. I see many American/North American cabinetry Co.'s. that can do a better job, for less money with higher degree of service. And if you spend that level of cash can you really make a unique kitchen. WOW! Many of the same materials are available here. Especially in the texture melamine market. It's a commodity, not an unusual product. I would say Snaidero with their Italian Designers is really the only cutting edge product listed. Val Cucina, which you did not list, is truly unique and cutting edge. Besides that the rest can be gotten stateside with better value. Just the tip of the ice burg.

Wood Mode is an American Line that has a great contemporary look

Try using a local high end cabinet shop specializing in kitchens.

American manufacturer's can build frame less cabinetry and many do a great job at it. I also prefer American made in the
same stylish ways that the European cabinet makers have charged exorbitant costs for decades. Frame less is what I sell
the most of and will continue to do so. The transitional style can incorporate the clean lines and non-fussy details and keep
the client happy with a versatile space efficient product.

Not sure these have made it to northern New England. Everything here still transitional and traditional.

Frameless cabinets are certainly trendy, though I tend to see more framed construction than anything. I have also run into issues where cabinet lines are flipping between MM and inches, which is a constant issue for 2020 and designers.

This ariclte went ahead and made my day.

I don't know who you wrote this for but you helped a brohetr out.

Why buy foreign product? You can buy the same thing and even better quality made in US and much cheaper.
Check Adagio International Inc.

Buy European cabinets and wait 10 weeks for delivery. Make a mistake wait another 10 weeks. Customer now nit picks wait another 10 weeks. Point is: it's the kiss of business bankruptcy to sell and represent a European manufacturer. It's their way or the highway. Yes they offer cool looks and great engineered product's good only if you live in Europe. 45 years of being in the kitchen business and tried it once. Run for hills! Sell American.

look at Demetra cabinetry. USA/CA. made, quality materials, short lead times,

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