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Jan 10, 2022

2021 MVP Awards — Doors + Windows

MVP awards 2021 winners for the doors and windows residential construction product category

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Easy-Slide Operator

Pella Easy-Slide Operator

The Easy-Slide Operator, designed by Pella Corporation, is a window hardware solution that delivers an entirely new way to open and close casement and awning windows. As simple to use as turning off and on a dimmer light switch, the hardware is engineered with a user-friendly grip and requires minimal effort to open—just five pounds of pressure. The slim, sleek design enables the Easy-Slide Operator to discretely complement the design aesthetics and not interfere with window treatments or décor. Precision venting allows you to open the window exactly where you want it—and keep it in place. Purposefully designed as a solution for all people, the Easy-Slide Operator is based on Universal Design Principles pairing function with design and promising that opening and closing your windows will be easier than ever before.

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Wayne Dalton

Luminous Model 8450

Wayne Dalton Luminous Model 8450

Inspired by glistening modern skyscrapers, Wayne Dalton introduced Luminous, a sleek, full-view glass garage door with no visible framework from the exterior. Luminous’ glass is secured with the same type of commercial-grade adhesive used on skyscrapers, providing an alternative to screws, rivets or welds. This high-strength bonding adhesive permanently adheres the glazing to the frame, creating a virtually indestructible weld. Its 1⁄4-inch tempered glass provides additional protection against cracking or damage to the face of the door. Another primary advantage is that if broken, the glass crumbles into small granular chunks—which are less likely to cause injury—instead of splintering into the jagged shards created by plate glass.

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Modern Swinging Door

Marvin Modern Swinging Door

The Modern Swinging door pairs pure modern aesthetic with category-leading performance for design flexibility to create with confidence. Available in inswing or outswing and engineered with the same innovative fiberglass material, proprietary frame design and modular modern look as the rest of Marvin Modern. The result: even more options to create large, floor-to-ceiling configurations without sacrificing thermal performance even in the harshest climates. And, as with all of Marvin Modern, the minimalist hardware, narrow sightlines, and careful attention to every detail give homeowners the freedom to experience the full effect of modern design.

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