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Oct 8, 2020

5 New Cutting-Edge Lighting Products from Europe

Champignon suspension lamp satin brass

These five new lighting fixture releases straight from Europe prove that a minimalist design can make the biggest difference.

Surveying the latest European products can give you a sense of what is to come for interior design trends in the United States. The continent has always been a bellwether of design and remains a reliable harbinger of new materials, products, and systems. Styles and trends first enter the American market through our big cities, such as New York, and finally trickle into other U.S. markets.

While lighting remains a necessity for every room, these new European fixtures fuses design functionality while providing a focal point for the eye. The products seem much more like works of art and sculptures than a needed piece of the room.

“In 2020, the lighting will become a full and very important element of space decoration,” writes the international real estate company Efestio. “The lighting of the perimeter of ceilings, decorative illumination of niches and paintings, illumination from the inside of the frosted glass facades of the kitchen, and many other options will be used to the maximum by designers next year.”

It is no longer enough to throw a chandelier on the ceiling and call it a day; consumers are expecting more from their products and, yes, that even goes for lighting. This is not a solely European trend either. It’s very much alive in the US now as companies, such as Ketra and Lutron, create customizable lighting systems for homeowners. 

Lights cannot just simply be lights anymore, they must bring an extra oomph, whether that be through smart technology or artful, unique designs. 

Sebring Design Build, a design, build, and remodeling company, says bigger is better.

“For certain areas of the house, homeowners are falling in love with bigger fixtures,” according to the company’s blog. “The aim is to create a ‘wow’ factor and attract instant attention. More than lighting, these fixtures act as centerpieces.”

Without a doubt, these recently released lighting products have similar design features, but they have been used in different ways. A matte black finish has emerged in the US within kitchens and bathrooms, but Europe is showing us that the finish can make an impact with lighting as well. Several of these new offerings feature naturally flowing suspension cords, either complemented or juxtaposed by the shape of the light itself.

At Euroluce, the international lighting exhibition, last year, there were several emerging trends to watch out for. One of those is the ability to customize. Out of the five lighting debuts here, four are customizable. The different pieces of these fixtures can be grouped together in whichever way the homeowner sees fit.

Additionally, globe and dome forms were expected to emerge. These new selections prove they most certainly have.



Plot Frame by Vistosi European light

Vistosi - Plot Frame
Italian lighting manufacturer Vistosi’s latest design comes in suspension, wall-mounted, or floor options. The company says the fixture’s inspiration came from wanting to “render the motion and simplicity of the sphere.” These frosted spheres can be moved around its grid counterpart. Plot Frame features both a natural movement, soft curves, and harsh lines. It is an LED and finished in matte black.



Lux Cambra Champignon European design

Lux Cambra - Champignon
The inspiration behind Spanish lighting manufacturer Lux Cambra’s Champignon light comes directly from the Earth. Champignon is French for mushroom, which is clear from the half globe tops of the fixture. Available in white, black, or satin brass, the company says these fixtures are versatile and can be grouped together or installed individually.



Arkos Light Minimal Track

Arkos Light - Minimal Track
Winner of two 2020 Red Dot Design Awards, the Minimal Track is exactly what the name says: an unassuming track with small fixed lights. There are no technical pieces of the light in sight, instead, it simply appears as an ultrathin matte black line across whichever surface. Different lights can be chosen to go along the track. Arkos Light says this product was made with low-ceilings or window-dressing in mind.


BIG Ideas architecture Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen - Keglen by BIG Ideas
In collaboration with renowned architectural firm BIG, Louis Poulsen’s Keglen pendant light fixture is both designed for optimal style and light quality. The light provides a glare-free downward light that diffuses nicely, but still has great pay-off because of the lamp’s white interior, the company says. Light can also escape through the pendent’s open top. It’s available in several sizes and offers personality through the imperfect suspension wire.


Brokis Planets matte black light

Brokis - Planets
This light from Czech light manufacturer Brokis features a system of weights and pulleys, so the various rounded shapes can be moved freely. Have no fear, Brokis says its counterweights are designed to make the movements easy and safe. The company says its all matte black, monochromatic appearance is to underline the graphic character of the lights. It features three distinct shapes: sphere, cone, and capsule.