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Jul 15, 2021

8 Eye-Catching Tile and Stone Products from Coverings 2021—Day Two

coverings show 2021

Tiles by Wizard Enterprises

Despite a smaller than usual show compared to years’ past, fabricators from across the globe gathered for Coverings 2021 in Orlando to share their latest releases at the global tile and stone exhibition.

There were nearly 300 exhibitors in attendance at the Orlando Convention Center last week from more than 20 different countries. PRODUCTS hit the show floor to find the most eye-catching tile and stone products on the market today while gaining insight into their performance, durability, manufacturing process, and more.

We highlighted five standout products from day one. Here are eight more eye-catching tile and stone products from day two of Coverings 2021:


Hoxo - Codicer 95

coverings 2021ceramic tile

There were few tile and stone fabricators on the Coverings 2021 show floor that were able to match the spectrum of design styles and achievements of Codicer 95.

The Spanish manufacturer’s new porcelain Hoxo line acts as a patchwork of 32 different vibrant, eclectic patterns finding cohesion through the same color palette and shape. The provenzal shape adds another layer of individualism and expression to the collection. 

Gouache, Cement Block - Portobello



The new Gouache tiles by Brazilian company Portobello will look different throughout the day because their rugged texture plays off changing light patterns in a truly distinguishable way. The line comes in both matte and glossy finishes, but both offer a bespoke, artisanal texture that blends creativity and raw materials.


cement tile

The company’s Cement Block offers a ZigZag texture that kicks the matte, monochrome tile up a notch. It can be paired with the Cement Block smooth finish for a mix of 3D elements in neutral and pastel shades. Though it’s soft and simple, it draws the eye. Portobello told us that Cement Block meets the industry demand for a tile that can go anywhere inside or outside the home, along with the interest in tiles offering natural colors and textures.


Pique by estudi{H}ac - Harmony

ceramic tiletile

Harmony’s new ceramics collection, designed by Jose Manuel Ferrero of estudi{H}ac illustrates the designer’s key principles: color and a focus on the simplicity of shape and texture. 

Inspiration for Pique comes from a combination of fabric textures and geometrical design. The unique textures range from 3D stacked towers to a waffle print, and colors come in neutral sand and white, along with a deep red and blue. 

Wonderwall - Cotto d’Este


In the standout products from day one at Coverings, we highlighted Panaria’s Glam line of printed slabs. Those tiles come in vibrant patterns, but face limitations in their use because of the direct image printing nature of the tile. Cotto D’Este’s Wonderwall collection offers the same style of printed images on large slabs, but this version has little to no use limitations due to the printing technology that utilizes ceramic glazes. The product is then fired, giving it the same durability as ceramic products.

Aura - Emotion Ceramics

stone tiletexture tile

Emotion Ceramics wanted to reinvent classic stones with its Aura line by focusing heavily on details and texture. The line features neutral tiles with a natural appearance due to the crevices and cracks featured on the tile’s 3D texture. The company told us a great deal of research went into the creation of Aura, designed to evoke relaxation into the home.

Atlantida - Baldocer

blue tile

Atlantida mimics the movement of water while still appearing like a natural stone. The polished marble balances and mixes rich blues with browns and hints of white veins, and its intense coloring makes this tile hard to ignore. 

Metal Royal Blue - TAU Ceramica

metallic tile

As the first to inject porcelain products with metallic features, TAU Ceramica has a leg up on metal innovations. Their most recent release, a royal blue and metal combination, took more than one year to bring to the market. The blue hue is incredibly difficult to work with, said TAU, but theresult features a distinct texture and denim-like appearance.

Caroline Broderick

Caroline Broderick is the associate editor of PRODUCTS.

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