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Jul 26, 2017

Accsys Introduces Modified MDF Panels


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Tricoya Panels

Accsys Technologies, manufacturer of Accoya wood, has launched an MDF made with modified wood fibers for increased stability and protection from pests and fungus.

Tricoya MDF includes wood fibers that have undergone acetylation, a process that alters the wood’s reaction with water by replacing the molecules that want to bond with water with more stable acetyl groups. The process permanently changes the cell structure of the wood, increasing its dimensional stability, making it unrecognizable to insects, and preventing fungal decay.

Because of its attributes, the MDF can be used for a range of exterior applications, such as cladding, soffit panels, and outdoor furniture, without the need for chemical treatments. It also is ideal for wet indoor applications, such as paneling for an indoor swimming pool or bathroom.

“Tricoya is truly a major innovation in the wood panel industry, and we are excited to bring it to the North American market,” says Laura Keily, head of marketing at Accsys Group. “Tricoya opens up new market opportunities for building industry professionals to use a wood panel that will stand the test of time and climate.”

Tricoya is backed by a 50-year warranty. For more information, visit

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