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Jul 10, 2019

Big Ass Fans Unveils Industrial i6 for Residential Projects

Big Ass Fans i6 Ceiling Fan White Outdoor

Ceiling fan manufacturer Big Ass Fans says its new i6 is the next “big” thing in the category.

“I6 delivers the iconic Big Ass Fans look in a home-friendly size,” says Drew Zande, Big Ass Fans product manager. “It may be smaller and lighter, but it’s every ounce of an exceptionally engineered Big Ass fan.”

Drawing inspiration from its history of making factory fans, Big Ass gave the i6 the look of its industrial-sized cousins. It features aircraft-grade aluminum airfoils that will not corode or sag and an efficient motor rated for protection against dust and water.

“I6’s airfoils are aerodynamically engineered for maximum airflow with minimal wind resistance or noise,” the company syas. “The fan’s patented EC motor outperforms the industry’s standard DC or AC motors in torque and efficiency while running at less than a whisper level and requiring no maintenance.”

Big Ass Fans i6 Ceiling fan Oil Rubbed bronze Open Plan

Despite its industrial aesthetics, i6 also features cutting-edge technology and smart features. Temperature, humidity, and motion sensors enable SenseME technology.

“With SenseME technology, automated comfort has never been so easy,” the company says. “Temperature and humidity sensors in the fan’s Bluetooth remote constantly monitor the environment at your level and adjust fan speed to maintain your preferred conditions, while an onboard occupancy sensor automatically turns the fan and optional LED on and off for a cooling breeze and bright light when you need them and energy savings when you don’t.”

The fan comes with a Bluetooth remote, smartphone app, and voice command with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also offers automated integration with the Nest learning thermostat and Ecobee, among others.

An optional, dimmable LED fixture is available for both indoor and covered outdoor fan models and offers adjustable light color from warm to daylight.

The i6 comes in three sizes—60, 72, and 84 inches—in brushed silver, matte black, matte white, and oil rubbed bronze. Color-customization to match any décor will be offered starting from August 2019.

Big Ass Fans i6 Ceiling Fan Silver Brick Loft


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