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Apr 5, 2020

Bio Bidet Introduces Competitively Priced High-Tech Smart Toilet

Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 Side View Silo

Faucet and bidet seat manufacturer Bio Bidet has developed a smart toilet, the Prodigy 770, that the company says costs half as much as a comparable high-end unit.

“More and more consumers are considering smart toilets with bidets for health and personal hygiene reasons as well as the convenience and environmental benefits,” says James Amburgey, marketing director at Bio Bidet. “Our goal has always been to make the decision to transition to a bidet-style toilet as compelling, simple and affordable as possible.”

Designed to be accessible to more consumers, the Prodigy uses advanced technologies similar to other smart tech toilets on the market, but it also has a more approachable retail price tag--$2,399.

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Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 night shot

Prodigy offers design and technology features. The unit has a sleek, modern design and a skirted profile that matches current consumer trends and a compact, all-in-one, tankless design fits easily into even the most space-conscious bathrooms, solving the space challenges associated with separate toilets and bidets, the company says. A range of high-tech features also bring the convenience of automation to the bathroom:

  • Dual flush technology. The Prodigy senses user activity and automatically activates the proper size flush to conserve water.
  • Remote-controlled spray settings and air dryer. Users are able to personalize their Prodigy experience by adjusting water, seat, and dryer temperature, as well as the nozzle position and water pressure, using a convenient wall-mountable remote.
  • Automatic open and close lid. Users simply approach the Prodigy and the unit automatically opens the lid. It also closes automatically when it senses a user is finished.
  • Sensor-activated night light. An in-bowl night light illuminates for added safety at night.
  • Direct connect supply. By connecting directly to a bathroom’s water supply, without the need for a water tank, the Prodigy is more efficient, wastes less water, and requires minimal to no maintenance when compared to standard toilets, the brand claims.
  • Built-in deodorizer. An integrated deodorizer draws in air and passes it through an ionized carbon filter to eliminate odors in the bowl.
  • Warm seat and heated water. The Prodigy includes adjustable temperature controls for both the seat and water.

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Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 Remote

“In addition to its contemporary aesthetics and automated features, the Prodigy 770 has been designed for maximum comfort, Bio Bidet says. “By expanding the front edges and increasing the total surface area of the Prodigy’s comfort seat by 20 percent, it provides additional support for users. The stainless-steel bidet nozzle on the Prodigy 770 can be adjusted to each user’s body contours, and features such as adjustable seat and water temperature deliver a spa-like experience.”

Bio Bidet says the new Prodigy meets the demand for smart and technology products in the bathroom. As bathrooms–and homes in general–continue to be more tech driven, smart toilets and bidets are growing in popularity. “According to a 2019 trends study conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, designers consider a toilet with a bidet the most important thing to put in a new bathroom,” the company says. “Over half of the 500 designers surveyed said they install cleaning toilets instead of standard ones for clients.”

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Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 lifestyle Bath

Moreover, the company is expecting the U.S. market for bidet seats and bidet toilets, which is currently a $106 million category, to grow 15 percent annually through 2021.

“The shift isn’t surprising when you look at the needs and preferences of two large demographic segments – millennials and baby boomers – in conjunction with the rise of the healthy home,” Amburgey says. “Products that save money on water and electricity have become standard. Now the emphasis is on wellness, longevity, and convenience. Installing a bidet-style smart toilet is a relativity inexpensive change you can make to your home that will help improve personal hygiene, reduce germ spread, and provide a bit of pampering.”

The Prodigy P770 is available online at,, and at

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