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Feb 21, 2019

BRK Brands Unveils New Smart Door Bell

BRK Onelink Bell Smart Doorbell

Home safety products manufacturer BRK Brands has added a new smart doorbell to its collection of First Alert Onelink connected home products.

The Onelink Bell offers premium features that include 1080 high-definition live video, in-home and mobile motion detection alerts, and two-way audio, the unit interconnects with other Onelink devices, such as the Safe & Sound 3-in-1 alarm.

“The popularity of connected home features such as smart doorbells are at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists and given how easy they are to install and how useful they are, should be apart of every builder’s offering,” says Mark Devine, senior vice president of Marketing at BRK Brands. “In addition to giving homeowners the peace of mind of knowing who is at their door and when, its effortless integration into the Onelink portfolio of products helps create a smart home environment that’s safe, effective, and convenient to use.”

BRK says the Onelink Bell takes the smart doorbell to the next level. Front door alerts automatically activate compatible Onelink alarms in the home, sounding as one when activity is detected at the front door. The Onelink Bell is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so users can ask their virtual assistant what’s going on outside and have it report back.


BRK Onelink  product family

Onelink Bell allows homeowners to see and talk to whoever is at the front door, whether home or away. Advanced motion detection alerts users on their smartphone of any movement near the home, and Live 1080 HD video streams directly to users’ mobile phones or tablets, showing a 180-degree view of exactly what is taking place at the front door. Moreover, infrared night vision provides around-the-clock footage. Using the Onelink Home App, homeowners can customize the motion zones to designate which areas they want to monitor closely and what alerts they wish to receive.

“The unit is weather-resistant and delivers clear footage no matter the forecast,” the company says. “Thanks to built-in speakers and a microphone, homeowners and their visitors can hear each other and talk back, no matter where they are. Two-way audio offers added convenience, allowing residents to respond on their phone or through their Onelink Safe & Sound alarm to greet people at the door.”

BRK says the Bell offers pre-recorded messages for common phrases, such as “I will be right there,” or “Please leave the package at the front door.” It also includes a subscription service that stores up to 30 days of recorded videos in the cloud. Users can view videos in real time or play them back later.

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