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Jul 29, 2020

Brokis Expands Its Portfolio With the Sfera Collection

Modern light sphere matte luxury

Photos by Martin Chum

Czech Republic-based lighting manufacturer Brokis has released its latest collection, Sfera, which translates to “sphere” in English.

The lighting brand is well known for their forward-thinking decorative lamps and traditionally hand blown offerings that appear more as a work of art than just a lamp. Along with the Sfera announcement, Brokis has released three other lighting collections so far this year: Shadows Exterior, Bonbori, and Night Birds Exterior

The Sfera pendant collection comes in four sizes: The smallest measures 9.8 inches wide, but also includes 11.8-inch, 15.7-inch, and a 19.7-inch unit, the largest size. For the canopy and metal top, there are matte black and white powder coated options available.


Brokis European light lamp pendent

The company says the wide availability in sizes gives way for creativity. Several Sfera lights can be paired together with varying sizes for different looks. Sizes also make it possible to fit Sfera pendants into several different environments and to meet different project needs. This series keeps in line with Brokis’ overall theme of modernity, timelessness, and tradition.

“I think the sphere is just a perfect, universal shape for a project light,” says Lucie Koldova, art director for Brokis, in the collection’s promotional video.

The sphere is made of a hand blown, triplex opal matte glass with an acid-etched exterior. An acid etching means the glass becomes extremely smooth, but also durable, long lasting, and stain resistant. Three layers of opal matte glass provides an effect quite similar to light diffusers, where the result is a subdued, soft light.


White matte pendent light Brokis

A subtly geometric metal top and the dramatic cut through at the top of the sphere juxtapose the simple, round shape, the company says. 

“The design seems very basic, but at the same time, it’s very timeless,” says Koldova. “Especially during these tough times, I didn’t want to create something particularly difficult, but something which would last in time and fit architectural needs.”

Every Brokis light is created in the same workshop, Janštejn Glassworks, that was once at risk for a complete shutdown in 1997 before Brokis’ founder, Jan Rabell, purchased it. There was once little to no demand for traditional products, the company says, but Rabell revamped the glass workshop, which is now the headquarters for all Brokis and BROKISGLASS products.


Round ceiling light modern luxury Brokis

‘“The craftsmanship tradition is particularly important here in this design,” says Koldova. “Czech Republic is world famous for its quality glass and hand blowing tradition, and this collection uses both.”

Sfera uses a contemporary design with historic techniques, but the collection also has a unique connection method created by Brokis. The Brokis connectors allow for easy installation, maintenance, and cleaning, the company says. Additionally, connectors do not need to access the building’s wiring, so the lights can be free to move around per the client’s liking. All connectors and wires are hidden under Sfera’s metal-coated top.

“The tradition, you can see in the multi-layered opal matte glass and all the components and parts come from the Czech Republic, so the manufacturing is very local and the attitude is very flexible,” says Koldova.

Caroline Broderick

Caroline Broderick is the associate editor of PRODUCTS.

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