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Jul 16, 2020

Buster + Punch Adds Knobs to Its Door Hardware Collection

Brand known for unconventional fittings adds new door hardware to North American offerings

Known for boundary-pushing home products, British brand Buster + Punch has expanded its door hardware collection to include door knobs that expresses the brand’s “rebellious” nature.

Buster + Punch’s Door Knob collection features the brand’s signature, diamond-cut cross-knurl pattern to give a tactile feel with each turn and is available in three of the company’s solid metal finishes: brass, steel or black.

The U.K.-based brand is known for buzzy products—hardware, lighting, and furniture and accessories—that are designed with an edgy aesthetic. It introduced a door hardware collection in October 2019, offering two series of products—Architectural and Pre-Drilled (US Standard bore size)—that are made from solid metal and feature the company’s signature diamond-cut knurled detailing on the lever handle and thumb turn. This new line of knobs expands on that introduction.

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Buster+Punch Door Knob Collection Lifestyle Bedroom


“A door knob is designed with one purpose in mind, to feel very satisfying,” says Massimo Buster Minale, founder of Buster + Punch. “Our signature knurling on new Door Knob collection gives much needed grip, and transforming a mundane door fitting into an extraordinary home detail.”

Fashioned from a solid metal bar and refined by hand, each knob pairs with matching North American door accessories such as the thumb turn bolt and outside coin release fitting, the company says. The door knobs can come in a set or single knob and work on all internal passage doors. The collection comes in two series of products: Fixed and Pre-Drilled (US Standard bore size).

“Like all Buster + Punch products, this latest introduction strives to create an emotional connection with functional home fittings and elevate this often-forgotten home detail,” the company adds.

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Buster+Punch Door Knob Collection Lifestyle Fireplace Mantle


Buster + Punch explains that the collection was designed with customization in mind. Ideal for forward-thinking architects, designers and homeowners, the extension to the door series category matches the brand’s door accessories, lighting, and cabinet hardware to create a bespoke and cohesive interior, the company says.


Here is a breakdown of the new offerings:


Conventional Knobs

For standard door configurations, pre-drilled is a pair of un-sprung solid metal door knobs with an architectural 4 millimeter-thick rose. It’s designed for installation onto standardized “pre-drilled” door (2 1/8-inch bore hole) and for use with several tubular latch options from 2 3/8- to 3-inch back-sets. The series is also compatible with several existing tubular latches or mortise locks. Specifiers can also create a privacy configuration by adding the knurled thumb turn set. It’s suitable for interior doors only.


Fixed Knob (Single or Double)

A fixed door knob or pair of back-to-back door knobs perfectly matched with functional door sets and can be used on any wooden or glass door. The pair is complete with concealed hardware mechanisms offering back-to-back configuration and the single knob comes with backside cosmetic circular disc. Installation allows for multiple mounting points making the process simple, the company says.


Thumb Turn Deadbolt Set

For interior spaces that require a privacy lock, the thumb turn set adds a positive lock deadbolt activated by a knurled thumb turn on the inside of the door and a coin-release trim fitting on the outside. The thumb turn set can also be used with any Buster + Punch cabinet pull to create a positive-lock closet or storage door setup.


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