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Mar 25, 2021

Caesarstone Aims to Inspire Wellness with New Whitelight Collection

aterra blanca caesarstone quartz counter

Aterra Blanca

Quartz surfacing manufacturer Caesarstone says its latest debut features light, neutral designs that will encourage serenity and wellness.

The Whitelight Collection includes three new white quartz surfaces, including one revamped finish featuring a new design the brand calls an “industry breakthrough.” Initially debuted at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show last month, builders can now order from the Whitelight Collection.

“Whitelight so perfectly reflects the best of what we do at Caesarstone into [three] perfectly designed new colors,” said Elizabeth Margles, vice president of marketing for Caesarstone North America. “They distill the earthy warmth of the outdoors into a sophisticated backdrop for our lives, offering a sense of wellness and serenity. We are proud to continue to lead the industry with design innovations and surfaces that are guaranteed for a lifetime.”


caesarstone calacatta maximus

Calacatta Maximus

The Calacatta Maximus surface in the Whitelight Collection now offers the brand’s new fluid surface design. Calacatta Maximus offers residential pros extra-large slabs that line up to create a “super max” length. Though it’s not a bookmatched surface, the marble veining perfectly aligns for a long continuous vein, the company says.

“It has a fluid veining property to it, which means that the pattern follows from one slab to another such that you can have a super long run of the pattern,” explains Margles. “We’re the first ones to bring this to the market, and we’re super excited about it.”

Margles calls Calacatta Maximus “even better” than bookmatched surfaces. The soft gray-beige marble veining works for extra-long lengths on islands, countertops, backsplashes, and more.

The other three designs are Arabetto, Adamina, and Aterra Blanca.


whitelight collection arabetto


Arabetto mimics Italian Arabescato marble that offers dense veining on an off-white backdrop. The surface includes dark and light gray veins with copper and jade lines intertwined. Margles suggests using this bold surface with black or white cabinetry, wood tones, and gold or stainless steel hardware.

Adamina is a sandstone-inspired quartz design with light veining that makes a subtle impression. It can look different throughout the day as the lighting changes, bringing in movement. Caesarstone says Adamina offers an organic element and works well with many colors, but especially softer palettes, casual furniture, and can pack a punch when paired with lighter woods or concrete.

Aterra Blanca’s vivid white background makes its warm, subtle dark brown veining pop. Margles suggests pairing Atterra Blanca with a monochromatic white kitchen, or designers can make a statement with dark cabinets and flooring. The polished finish adds a textured look to this surface.


adamina quartz sandstone caesarstone


Empira White, White Attica, Statuario Maximus, and Vivid White, already existing Caesarstone surfaces, round out the Whitelight Collection.

Empira White’s pure white base is a reinterpretation of Calacatta marble, Caesarstone says. It offers a timeless appearance that works in a variety of settings. White Attica features dense, dark black and gray veining throughout. Statuario Maximus features a warmer white base with delicate gray veins. Vivid White’s appearance reflects its name: it’s a pure, soft, clean white through and through.

Caesarstone says its quartz surfaces are nonporous, durable, flexible, scratch-, stain-, mildew-, and mold-resistant. Its manufactured nature allows it to remain low maintenance, never requiring sealing.

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