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Sep 9, 2020

Caesarstone Releases First Ever Outdoor Quartz Surface Collection

Quartz outdoor exterior countertop

Caesarstone's outdoor countertop collection, Solaris, featuring Midday

Quartz surface manufacturer Caesarstone claims its latest collection to be the first outdoor quartz surface line ever.

“Caesarstone’s new outdoor collection, Solaris, is an example of our continuous commitment to elevated and cutting edge products for the consumer that not only showcase exceptional performance but reflect beautiful design.” says Elizabeth Margles, vice president of marketing.

The collection includes three colors: Palm Shade, Clearskies, and Midday. Solaris’ palette falls into a neutral white and gray scheme. Due to the nature of the surfaces, these muted colors were chosen to complement the organic nature of the outdoors, the company says. Each surface comes in a 2 centimeter thickness.


Caesarstone quartz outdoor kitchen


With a white base, Palm Shade mimics the look of a subtle marble with its charcoal gray veins. Palm Shade can complement stainless steel, wooden accents, or even be used right next to the pool, the company says. 

Clearskies appears as anything but. The product’s dark concrete gray base features familiar flecks and is more reminiscent of an overcast sky than a clear, sunny day. The company describes Clearskies as “grounded in a natural setting.”

Midday follows the gray scheme with its all-gray appearance and concrete finish. The uniform color is made to allow for the greenery of the outdoors to pop. Because of its neutral body, Midday can work with a multitude of furniture, foliage, and finishes.


Quartz marble caesarstone

Caesarstone says its outdoor surfaces, like traditional quartz, are stain and scratch resistant, non-porous, easy to clean, and durable enough for any weather. Able to last from negative 13 degrees up to 122 degrees, the company says there will be no change to color or finish for years.

The company says it heavily tests its quartz surfaces in the lab and on the field. In addition, the Solaris collection can withstand UV rays and long-term weather conditions due to its patented “special resin” finish.

During the manufacturing process, Caesarstone’s materials are blended together for a 90% natural quartz aggregate with pigments and polymer resins, the company says. Once mixed and poured, the mixture is compressed and vibrated under high pressure to remove any air ensuring its strength. 


Caesarstone quartz exterior counter


Already a highly desirable material, quartz is regarded as a durable, high quality product, more so than granite. But not all quartz countertops are made equally, Caesarstone says, so the company works hard to ensure its products’ strength.

To clean, homeowners only need water and soap and are warned not to use abrasive sponges. Though very durable, this material should only be used for countertops or backsplashes. 

Care and maintenance are made to remain minimal, but the company warns against leaving metal objects on its surfaces for fear of rusting. In addition, the surface should not be used for fryers.

But outdoor kitchen countertops are only the beginning of possibilities for the collection, the company says. Caesarstone says these quartz surfaces can be used for dining tables and poolside bar tops. 

Installation and fabrication remain the same as other Caesarstone offerings, the company says. 

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