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Jul 12, 2020

California Faucets Adds Second Strathmore StyleDrain by Christopher Grubb

Kitchen and bath products brand California Faucets has added the second of four new drains that the company will be introducing by Beverly Hills interior designer Christopher Grubb.

Introduced in fall of 2019, the first drain, Mulholland, draws inspiration by the twists and turns of the iconic roadway in Los Angeles.

Strathmore is the newest introduction. Featuring a pattern of curves, angles, and straight lines, Strathmore serves as a striking finishing touch to today’s luxury showers, both inside and out, the company says.

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“Calling to mind classic shapes from Moroccan or Spanish-inspired tile, Strathmore runs the gamut of styles from traditional to modern,” says Jeff Silverstein, president and CEO of California Faucets. “It’s a great fit for everything from modern farmhouse to Hollywood glam.”

The company says the drain is a small shower detail but is big on versatility as well as style.

“A blend of curves and lines, Strathmore’s classic contemporary design reflects the ‘casual-yet-luxurious’ vibe of Southern California,” explains Christopher Grubb, president and founder of Arch-Interiors Design Group.

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Made of solid brass won’t bend underfoot, the products measure 5¼ inches square and has no visible or protruding screws, the company says. Design pros and homeowners have a choice of 28 finishes, including ultra-durable, non-tarnish Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) finishes.

Strathmore StyleDrain lists from $239 in polished chrome to $382 in a premium finish such as Black Nickel. The drains are suited for both indoor and outside applications, the company says.

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