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Feb 4, 2021

California Faucets Releases Three New Faucet Lines, Tub Filler

kitchen squeeze down handle faucet

Plumbing manufacturer California Faucets unveiled its largest product release yet with plumbing products for both kitchens and baths.

Releases include a new faucet squeeze handle on every pull-down kitchen faucet, a single handle tub filler, and two bathroom faucet lines, D Street and Libretto.

California Faucets’ squeeze handle has been modeled around the powerful hand spray found in restaurant dishwashers, the company says. The powerful spray makes rinsing dishes much easier, faster, and adds a bit of fun into dishwashing, the company says.

A small lever located near the spout puts the powerful spray into action. While hands will have to touch the pull-down spout while squeezing the handle, the company ensures its insulation will keep hands from being harmed from high water temperatures.


single spout tub filler

“Plus, unlike most pull-down faucets on the market, our proprietary sprayhead docking system stays firmly in place, eliminating the common dangling issues we see with a lot of faucets,” says Noah Taft, California Faucets chief marketing officer.

The pull-down squeeze handle is available in 28 different finishes such as matte black, burnished brass, and antique brass, including 14 PVD finishes that come with a lifetime warranty. This squeeze handle is also available in multiple different styles.

California Faucets says its new single handle tub filler offers a flow rate of 10 gallons per minute and will never make a homeowner wait for their bath to be ready. For comparison, traditional tub fillers run between four to six gallons per minute and can take up to 10 minutes to fill a 42 gallon bathtub. The company says its tub filler will only take four minutes to fill a tub of the same size.


D street bathroom faucets

“There are single leg tub fillers that are streamlined and contemporary, but practically none that can generate water flow as fast as two-legged tub fillers,” says Taft. “We’ve accomplished both. Our design and engineering team worked hard to overcome the challenges that make it hard to produce a high flow rate tub filler in a sleeker, thinner, single handle design.”

The tub filler also comes with a handshower style of your choice and built-in bracket and users can move the spout 360 degrees. Just like the squeeze handle faucet, this tub filler is available in 28 different finishes and multiple handle options.

Stainless steel connections, a ceramic cartridge, and solid brass construction ensure the tub filler will offer a long life and easy installation, the company says.

The D Street bathroom faucet line features a contemporary design in three different spout styles, two handle options, three custom insert options, and a choice from 28 different finishes. 


bathroom sink faucet

California Faucets says this offers more than 500 different faucet options. Available custom options include carbon fiber, knurled, and smooth handle inserts. Clients can choose from medium, double bend, or high spout designs.

D Street’s new faucets are only a sliver of the new D Street series, which includes shower handles, tub spouts, handshowers, and bidet sets, all with the same finish and handle insert options.

Libretto’s inspiration comes from Europe, the company says. This luxury bathroom faucet line features a contemporary silhouette with a mix of both geometric shapes and curves. The new release features a single lever faucet with both rectangular and cylindrical shapes. Just like the other offering, Libretto comes in 28 finishes and is ADA-compliant.

The Libretto release includes shower trims, tub handles and spouts, and two bidet sets in the same style for a cohesion throughout the bath.

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