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Sep 14, 2020

Cambria Teams Up With Gensler For New Quartz Surfacing Collection

Gensler Cambria USA quartz kitchen

Natural quartz manufacturer Cambria recently released 14 new surfacing designs in collaboration with noted architecture and design firm Gensler.

“We are thrilled to work with the Gensler team on this first-of-its-kind product and are honored they chose Cambria as a surface partner for this collaboration,” says Summer Kath, Cambria executive vice president of product development. “What we built together truly reflects the talent that Gensler cultivates,  and we cannot wait to meaningfully expand our footprint within the architecture and design communities.”

The Coordinates Collection came from a two year long design process between the two companies. Each surface can coordinate together seamlessly due to NCS, or natural colour system. 



Cambria quartz surfaces new modern

NCS is a system based on science that allows for “cross-industrial color communication,” Cambria says. This makes it easier for designers, manufacturers, retailers, and clients. This system focuses on how eyes perceive color and describes these colors based on this. Even the textures of the quartz surfaces are made to complement one another.

“The NCS System gives a unique opportunity to communicate colour between all those involved in a colour process, to ensure that the end result is precisely as it should be,” according to the official NCS website.

The surfaces are fit for both residential and commercial projects, along with usage on walls or floors. Cambria offers a multitude of edge profiles for the Coordinates Collection: 1-, 2-, and 3- centimeter thickness along with jumbo slabs measuring 132 by 65.5 inches. Wall and floor tiles are available in 12 by 12 inches, 12 by 24 inches, 18 by 26 inches, 24 by 24 inches, 24 by 48 inches, and 48 by 48 inches all in 1 centimeter thickness.



Ivory quartz countertops USA Gensler

Like most quartz surfacing products, Cambria surfaces are harder than granite and marble, the company says. Scratches, chips, or stains will have a difficult time affecting these quartz surfaces. Little maintenance is required as well, so there is no need for regular sealing or polishing. As a nonporous and nonabsorbent surface, counters will not harbor moisture that results in bacteria.

Named after U.S. locations, the new quartz surfaces reflect regional characteristics from the white snow that covers Minnesota in the winter to the foggy, misty afternoons in Seattle. Whites, grays, and blacks are the main palette for the Coordinates Collection. Salt Lake features an ivory main color decorated with subtle, warmer-colored geometric dots. Foggy City, inspired by the Golden Gate bridge, has a white base with more faint white and translucent speckles. 

Two surfaces in the Coordinates Collection come from recycled Cambria products and are certified as recycled content with a minimum of 28% pre-consumer recycled content. These are Big Sur Mist and Sanibel Shoreline. The former reflects the fog-cloaked rocks off the coast of southern California with its large and small gray shapes paired with neutral, liquid-like lighter shades and black specks. Sanibel Shoreline shows a pearl gray backdrop with sprinklings of white, black, and gray.



Black white quartz counters

Gensler serves more than 4,000 clients each year, according to Cambria. Due to the hands-on nature of Gensler’s work and Cambria’s want to meet the needs of professionals, the collaboration came from the inspiration of what design professionals need and want, says the company.

“While The Coordinates Collection was imagined to meet the demands of contract specifiers, we believe these designs will appeal to the broader A&D community working in every sector looking for access to a thoughtfully designed, safe, durable, maintenance-free product,” said MacKenzie Weldon, vice president of corporate partnerships for Cambria. “The overall aesthetic is current, architectural, and modern.”

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