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Jun 30, 2019

Cosentino Adds Slip-Resistant Treatment to Dekton Flooring

Soleria baño Dekton Grip color Makai lr

Surfacing manufacturer Cosentino has introduced a new treatment that guarantees slip-resistance on Dekton ultra-compact flooring.

“At Cosentino, our R+D team is committed to creating materials that offer the very best in beauty, durability and safety,” says Massimo Ballucchi, director of marketing for cosentino North America. “Combining maximum safety with industry-leading features, Dekton Grip+ does just that.”

Dekton by Cosentino Grip+ Keon

Dekton Grip+ in Keon

The manufacturer says Dekton Grip+ offers the same technical features as the regular Dekton surfacing, product made from a blend of natural quartz stone, porcelain, and glass. These raw materials are fused and compressed under high pressure to create a slab material that is dense and compact.

But now Dekton offers safety to flooring projects. Dekton Grip+ is best for anti-slip applications even on the most demanding of indoor and outdoor surfaces—including bathrooms, community rooms, terraces, surfaces in and around pools, showers, spas, and more.

Dekton by Cosentino Grip+ Vera

Dekton by Cosentino Grip+ in Vera

As the company explains it, Grip+ is introduced before the particle sintering process, which makes it part of the surface’s molecular structure. With this process in place, the product classifies as R11 under regulation DIN 51130 (the German-developed pedestrian slip test) and meets the Class 3 regulation.

Dekton Grip+ is currently offered on four colorways—Keon, Orix, Soke and Vera—and will be gradually incorporated into additional Dekton colorways throughout 2019. It also comes in a wide selection of standard nominal sizes, including 28 by 28 inches, 56 by 56 inches, 56 by 28 inches, 62 by 28 inches, 41 by 28 inches, 56 by 41 inches, 56 by 62 inches, and 56 by 31 inches.

The product is manufactured in five different thicknesses.


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