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Feb 22, 2016

Cosentino Develops Silestone Quartz with Nano-Technology

Cosentino, maker of Silestone brand quartz surfacing, has unveiled the first color to include nano-technology in its manufacturing process.

Nuit Noire features a nano-tech formulation that adds luster and reflective qualities to the quartz surfacing, resulting in long-term enhancements to the look and performance of the quartz surfacing. The company says it’s introducing Silestone Plus featuring NanoTech as a result of the success it saw with the technology when applied to its Dekton line of ultra-compact surfacing.

“The recent launch of Dekton XGloss has been so well received by the architecture and design industries that it inspired us to further explore the nano-technology that gives XGloss its luxurious, shiny finish and modify it so it could be incorporated into the manufacturing of Silestone,” says Lorenzo Marquez, vice president  of marketing for Cosentino North America.

The addition also results in benefits to the end-use, the company says: Liquids do not penetrate the surface, increasing protection against staining and improving the ease of cleaning; the tones of each Silestone color become more vibrant and pronounced with the glossy appearance; and a higher level of shine that creates a lustrous look.

“In the past five years, quartz surfacing—and Silestone especially—has grown exponentially as the countertop material of choice in both residential and commercial applications,” Marquez says. “The introduction of Silestone Plus featuring NanoTech allows us to enhance our product offering and we anticipate the initial Nuit Noire color to be a strong complement to the popular white and gray palettes so often used in today’s kitchen and bath projects.”

Cosentino will introduce the nano-technology to other colors this spring and will extend it to the entire Silestone offering by fall 2016.

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