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Sep 14, 2020

Dacor Expands Portfolio with Transitional-Style Cooking Appliances

Dacor transitional appliances touchscreen smart

Home appliance brand Dacor combined its contemporary and professional appliance lines for its new transitional style collection.

With this third distinct design, the brand hopes to address consumer’s needs, noting that the transitional style is predicted to grow in popularity alongside contemporary and professional. 

“The debut of our Transitional Style is a significant addition to Dacor’s existing portfolio,” says Randy Warner, vice president of sales for Dacor. “We introduced this style to specifically cater to our consumers and designers’ needs and further create more diverse options to meet the changing needs within the kitchen marketplace. We value the individual cooking needs of our customers, as well as the thoughtful integration of technology and know the importance of producing collections that accommodate everyone—both cooking and design enthusiasts alike.” 


Dacor transitional style appliances


Dacor’s appliances are handcrafted and offer smart technology features such as being Wi-Fi enabled and connection capabilities to SmartThings. SmartThings is a Samsung smart home solution able to connect multiple smart products, such as lighting, cameras, and locks, to be controlled in one area.

Compared to the existing contemporary and professional styles, the finish choices for the transitional line are slim, with all appliances coming in stainless steel. All of the products in the three collections have similar cooking capabilities, but the transitional line has a slightly larger capacity in its wall ovens. Dacor allows for direct side-by-side comparison on its website.

This transitional line includes cooktops, ranges, and ovens. With the two 36-inch transitional gas ranges, dishes can be cooked evenly with a dual four-part pure convection, the company says. Although in the transitional design, the gas range has a single burner maximum output similar to that of the company’s professional line, 22,000 BTUs. These burners are solid brass and dual-stacked. 


Induction cooktop Dacor transitional kitchen


For the SmartThings integration, the range features a touchscreen control panel that can be monitored remotely and allows for connection between appliances, the company says.

A 36-inch induction cooktop is also available and features more flexibility and smart capabilities than its gas range counterpart. With FlexZone, as Dacor calls it, one large induction cooking zone is available to use or five smaller individual zones. This cooktop can also connect to the ventilation hood through its smart tech capabilities. Additionally, a 30-inch induction cooktop is also available with similar features in a smaller surface area.

Just like the gas range, there is a touchscreen control panel, which features a power boost function. For those with children, the induction cooktop has a child safety lock, VirtualFlame, and residual heat reminder. These functions are controllable through the Dacor iQ Kitchen app, as well as touch-free control.


Gas range touchscreen smart home


For the 30-inch combination wall oven, homeowners are able to air fry, sear, and broil in the upper oven. Dacor considers this oven to be one of the most versatile culinary appliances to have in the kitchen. 

With a Steam-Assist oven, meats can be cooked to perfection, the company says.  The convection speed oven uses a combo of microwave, convection, and heating elements with special cooking features, such as frying or Sense Cook, that helps cook food correctly, Dacor says. If clients just need an extra high performance oven, Dacor also offers the transitional style 30-inch double wall oven.

A dual four-part convection found in the 30-inch single wall oven can reduce cooking time while remaining evenly cooked, says the company. This offering rounds up Dacor’s transitional line and features Wi-Fi capabilities, touchscreen controls, and LED backlit knobs.

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