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Nov 15, 2018

Designer Vanessa Deleon, TileBar Debut New Collection

 Interior Designer Vanessa Deleon

Tile importer and retailer TileBar has collaborated with interior designer and TV personality Vanessa Deleon on a new collection consisting of marble and brass.

The third collaboration between the designer and the tile purveyor, Art Deco by Vanessa Deleon is “a reflection of her own signature aesthetic,” the company says. The large-scale collection consists of graphic, black-and-white patterns made up of Nero Marquina Marble, White Carrara marble, Thassos marble, and a brass inlay.

TileBar Vanessa Deleon Art Deco Colllection installed


Each tile is a combination of “A modern take on a classic look, the collection makes an elegant statement in residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces,” TileBar adds.

The beauty of the collection is not limited to its materiality, but in the fact that with only two highly appealing patterns, multiple configurations and compositions arise.

TileBar Vanessa Deleon Art Deco Colllection STRBST

Art Deco is “meant to appeal to a range of design styles and sensibilities as product adaptability is key in today's market,” the designer says. “The collection’s versatility is quite breathtaking: you can have the same tiles running in opposing directions in the same space, and never realize that that same tile was used to create two completely distinctive looks.”

Large made up of white and black tiles, the collection is a quintessential New York pairing. The collection is currently offered in 24-inch-by-24-inch large-format tiles, though customization options are available for large orders. Suitable applications include interior floors and walls.


TileBar Vanessa Deleon Art Deco Colllection PONTE

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