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Dec 14, 2020

Easy Sanitary Solutions Unveils Near Invisible, Adjustable Line Drain

Bath drains and accessories manufacturer Easy Sanitary Solutions says it has made drain installations a whole lot simpler with their new Modulo Stone Flex shower drain.

The nearly invisible linear drain allows installers to do on-site size adjustments to ensure a precise fit and flawless performance. Developed especially for natural stone and marble floors, the Modulo Stone Flex is a smart choice for today’s luxurious bathrooms where both form and function are valued, the company says.

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As the company explains, the adjustability of a drain system is often of critical importance, especially when it comes to wall-to-wall installation scenarios.

“One of the benefits of installing a wall to wall linear drain is it simplifies your floor pitch by minimizing the direction you need water to flow to the drain, but it can come with some unforeseen problems,” says Eric Phelps, North American general manager of Easy Drain. “An out of plumb wall or hidden pipe in the floor can create problems on site at installation that used to mean delays while an alternative product was ordered. Modulo Stone Flex’s frameless design allows for up to 4 inches of adjustment, providing installers with the flexibility they need to finish the job the first time when unforeseen issues arise.”

The Modulo Stone Flex linear drain is offered in a range of lengths from 19¾ inches to 82¾ inches, and it blends into marble, stone and tile floors with nearly imperceptible visible lines. Ideal for minimalist bathrooms and barrier-free shower spaces where accessibility is an issue, the product features expert engineering that ensures efficient water management for a safe and hygienic shower environment, Easy Sanitary Solutions says.

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