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May 31, 2020

Elkay Debuts ‘First-of-Its-Kind’ ADA-Compliant Farmhouse Sink

Chopping veggies in darty canyon ADA-Compliant Farmhouse Sink by Elkay

Elkay’s new stainless-steel, ADA-compliant farmhouse sink is sleek and functional.

Accessible height and design streamline meal prep while adding style.

Elkay’s new stainless-steel, ADA-compliant farmhouse sink is a sleek and functional unit that proves accessible design doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics.

“The first of its kind, Dart Canyon ADA farmhouse sink is testament to our passion for ingenuity,” the company says. “This dual-depth workstation stainless steel sink with built-in work shelf and accessories streamlines kitchen function and expands workspace for the ADA community and beyond.”


A first of its kind ADA-compliant farmhouse sink

Made of 16-gauge stainless steel, the farmhouse sink is the first ADA-compliant design that puts accessibility at the forefront, according to the company. Its apron front adds a modern touch, and the tight corners and creased accent lines create a geometric design fit for any style of decor. With functional levels and accessories, the sink is designed so that homeowners can streamline food preparation and clean up, all while seated. 

The dual-level basin features a deep 9-inch bowl in the back the company says is designed for homeowners to stack dishes, fill stockpots, and handle large baking sheets, pans and roasters. A raised work shelf provides an area to rest kitchen tools and sponges, keeping them close but out of sight. 

Elkay Dart Canyon Showing the Work Shelf

But the design goes beyond extra cleaning space: The company says the work shelf provides the knee space needed for those using wheelchairs while the deep basin gives the capacity that other shallow ADA-compliant sinks do not have. Builders can either leave the space underneath the sink open for full accessibility, or they can install cabinet doors at ADA-compliant height. 


Expanded sink workspace increases accessibility 

A reversible grid is Included with the sink. Homeowners can either use it as a standard bottom grid, or they can flip it over to expand the work shelf and increase the easily accessible space. In addition to the reversible grid, the sink offers a companion stainless steel drain cover and a 3.5-inch drain with a deep strainer basket and brass tailpiece.

“Dart Canyon’s unique dual-depth configuration provides you with the best of both worlds, the accessibility and reach range of a standard ADA-compliant sink with the capacity of an extra-deep sink bowl,” the company says. 


Streamline meal prep, all while seated

Optional accessories such as a premium walnut cutting board and walnut-handled colanders are also available. The company says the sinks come in custom sizes, fit directly onto the sink, and can slide along its edge. With the accessories, homeowners can easily chop produce and move to a colander to rinse right within the basin, allowing all tasks to be completed while seated at the sink.

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“At Elkay, we pride ourselves in making life more livable for everyone,” the company says. “A thirst for innovation drives us to listen to the needs of our customers and develop new products that offer solutions.”

The farmhouse sink is available now and comes in three sizes to fit 30-inch, 33-inch, and 36-inch cabinets.

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