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Mar 6, 2017

Enviro Water Products Introduces Compact Six-Stage Water Filtration System

Enviro Water Products filtration system

Water filtration company Enviro Water Products has unveiled a compact under-counter system that incorporates a three-stage carbon filter and a salt-free water conditioner.

Water filtration company Enviro Water Products has unveiled a compact, under-counter reverse osmosis system that allows to detect specific contaminants in the municipal water supply such as Arsenic V, Cysts, Chromium 6, Fluoride and Lead. 

“We created the Enviro Water Products Reverse Osmosis Pro System to ensure homeowners and plumbing contractors had a more comprehensive, professional-grade solution when the local water quality tests showed specific contaminants were present,” says Tony Friesl, executive vice president of the company. “Our goal is to provide plumbing contractors, and the homeowners they service, with a comprehensive, high-quality offering that helps to solve any potential water treatment issue that may arise.”

The six-stage system is comprised of a four-stage pre-filter with a membrane and post-filter housed in a single cartridge; the fifth and sixth stages are have in-line carbon filter and calcite cartridge. In addition, two-stage post-filter offers a carbon/mineral filter inside that adds back in the essential minerals (calcium and magnesium) to the drinking and cooking water which are often removed from standard RO systems. The company says the reverse-osmosis system includes hygienically sealed filter cartridges that require no tools to replace and color-coded fittings for a quick install.

Lightweight and compact, the system measures only 14 inches deep, so it saves space under the countertop. It comes with a chrome, brushed nickel, or oil rubbed bronze faucet.

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