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Sep 10, 2020

European-Made Hardware Line by REHAU Comes to North America

REHAU patio door window hardware

Manufacturing company REHAU is now offering its European-made Attivo hardware program to the North American market to enhance the company’s uPVC tilt-turn window and balcony door systems.

"We are very pleased to introduce our new REHAU Attivo hardware program to the North American market,” says Dr. Thomas Troeger, chief sales and marketing officer. “With this program, we are offering an attractively priced hardware solution through a simplified supply chain that gives window manufacturers a single source for PVC profiles and hardware.”

Along with hardware, REHAU offers windows, doors, mechanical, plumbing, cabinetry, and millwork products. The company utilizes polymer and composites to create most of its products.


PVC door window corner drive


REHAU’s Attivo hardware program includes the popular ARXspin line from European manufacturer Kovinoplastika Lož with REHAU branding.

This newly available line includes window and door hardware manufactured with Kovinoplastika Lož’s ARXCoat hot-dip galvanizing process. Hot-dip galvanizing protects steel from corrosion, ensuring the material will retain its finish for years to come, the manufacturer says.

REHAU’s Attivo hardware range focuses on optimal performance, design, security, durability, and ease of function, the company says. Hardware offerings include the Linea and Classic handle lines, as well as a corner drive, espagnolette locking device, and stay arm.

As an integrated hardware program, contractors can now acquire a comprehensive array of components to deliver the best quality door and window solutions, the company says.


Attivo European hardware collection

With the Linea handle design comes the company’s patented closing mechanism called Secustik. Secustik makes sure the lock is secured with a click but also provides additional safety by blocking the ability to operate the window from the outside. Linea has the company's VarioFit technology as well, which provides an adjustable spindle mechanism that adjusts to the window's depth.

With this offering, the company says it addresses America consumer’s need for security and durability. The company says, for example, that its tilt-turn hardware is resistant to severe weather conditions and provides better security than a single or double-hung window. Additionally, the company says their hardware products’ surface protection can stand up to 480 hours of exposure to salt spray.

A modern PVC window often combines many engineering developments hidden behind an emphasized strict appearance of the profile,” the company says. “And the window handle is an integral element of this system. It not only performs elementary functions like opening and closing the sash—a correctly selected handle can protect your home from unauthorized entry through a window or door. “


REHAU Linea hardware windows

Handles are available in silver, white, or brown to blend into the company’s window and door offerings. The Classic line is available in two profiles: 60- and 86-millimeter thickness with two spindle length options of 37 millimeters or 42 millimeters.

Each REHAU product comes with a 10 year limited warranty. Window and balcony door components can support a sash weight of more than 287 pounds and a sash height of up to 94.5 inches.

Caroline Broderick

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