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Jun 8, 2017

Federal Brace Adds Rustic Barn Door Handles, Bar Pulls

Black-colored pull from Federal Brace on a door

Capitalizing on the popularity of sliding barn doors, Federal Brace has expanded its line of products to include handles and pulls with a rustic flare.

The first few designs will be available in a flat black powder coat and a stainless steel finish and will be made of a durable 11-gauge material, the company says. Each product can be used inside or outside, withstanding exposure to the elements.

“The first design, a flat plate with a length of 6.25 inches and a 2-inch width, provides the perfect grip for pulling, sliding, or grabbing,” the company says. “Each mounting plate is also 2 inches with .18-inch holes, allowing for a simple install.”

The other product, a rod-style handle, has a total length of 10.25 inches. ”Whether installed on a drawer, door, cabinet, or as a towel rack, these handles and pulls are ideal in many home and office applications and settings,” the company says.

To make things easy for professional contractors or DIYers, the company is supplying fasteners and thorough installation guidelines.






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