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Jun 15, 2017

Feit Electric Introduces Vintage-Style Light Bulbs With LED Technology

Feit Electric's LED Original Vintage Glass light bulbs shown in pendant lights

Feit Electric has developed a new line of vintage-style LED light bulbs with curved filaments that fill the glass with a swirl, knot, or loop.

“The Original Vintage look has been popular for hospitality uses, such as restaurants and hotels, but it has recently trickled its way into the home and will now be available in mass market retail in a variety of styles,” the company says.

Feit says the LED Original Vintage Glass product line “has brought more fun to the curved filament historic look by incorporating the latest LED technology, delivering greater energy efficiency to customers.”

The line comes in seven distinctive designs and is made to fit standard light sockets as well as chandeliers, wall sconces, and pendant lighting. Dimmable and energy efficient, the bulbs use between 4.5 and 6.5 watts of electricity, depending on the shape and size, and have an average lifespan of about 15,000 hours or 13.7 years.