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Sep 12, 2019

General Tools Introduces Three Affordable Moisture Meters

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Specialty tool manufacturer General Tools has introduced three new moisture meters that are choc-full of features but cost less than $50.

The company says its ultra-sensitive moisture meters measure the absolute or relative moisture content of wood or a building material, such as drywall, and also can be used to further determine whether a surface is dry enough to be painted or joined.

Able to detect hidden leaks in wood, plaster, and carpet, the products include a pin/pinless moisture meter, MM9, (under $50); a digital pinless moisture meter, MM8, (under $45); and a basic pin-type moisture meter MM7 (under $35).

“Key features of all three include an improved ergonomic handle design that conforms to the user’s hand for a more comfortable user experience,” the company says. “Plus, they all feature a hi-visibility white-on-black screen, providing easier readability from any angle.”


General Tools MM9 moisture meter

General Tools MM9 moisture meter

MM9 Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter. The versatile MM9 pin/pinless moisture meter gives the user the best of both types of moisture meters, the company says. It can scan large areas of drywall or wood with the pinless pad sensor. Once moisture patches are detected, it conerts between pin and pin and pinless with only the flip of the cap to expose the pin sensors for more exact moisture content readings. A hi-visibility white on black screen provides easier readability from any angle. It is the only moisture meter of its kind available at retail and costs up to 44 percent less than others with the same feature, the company says.


General Tools MM8 moisture meter

General Tools MM8 moisture meter

MM8 Professional Digital Pinless Moisture Meter with Backlit LCD. The unit is a non-marring, pinless moisture meter that is ideal for woodworkers, contractors, and remodelers. It measures the moisture level of wood and building materials such as drywall and masonry, featuring an easy-to-read LED display for quick readings. With unique settings for different materials, the meter offers a measurement range of 0 to 35 percent for hardwood, 0 to 53 percent for softwood, and relative readings for wallboard and masonry.


General Tools MM7 moisture meter

General Tools MM7 moisture meter

MM7 Pin-Type Moisture Meter. Using the MM7 pin-type moisture meter users can quickly find the exact moisture content of wood, drywall or other building materials. In damage and restoration situation, it will quickly tell contractors how bad the damage is, and allow them to determine what level of remediation is needed to restore the damaged area. Able to detect a moisture range from 1.5 to 50 percent, the tool is perfect for wood, drywall, and other building materials.

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