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Jan 23, 2020

Georgia-Pacific Building Products Launches DensDefy Accessories

Georgia Pacific Densfy Liquid Flashing

Georgia-Pacific has launched the DensDefy family of accessories that includes a liquid flashing product as well as a transition membrane for its DensElement Barrier System.

“Given the ongoing labor shortage in the industry, our customers need products that bridge the gap,” says Jason Peace, vice president of marketing and product management for Georgia-Pacific. “Our focus is on providing the highest-quality, innovative portfolio of integrated sheathing solutions, while keeping it simple for customers. DensElement Barrier System was our first foray into water management; the DensDefy Accessories complete our system, allowing customers to get the entire package from one customer.”

Designed for multi-family residential buildings or commercial projects, the DensElement Barrier System is a sheathing system that includes a gypsum-based board with a fiberglass mat to form a hydrophobic, monolithic surface that blocks bulk water but allows vapor to pass through, the company says. By retaining high permeability, DensElement Barrier System enables moisture to pass through the wall in both directions in any climate, the company adds.

Georgia Pacific Densfy Transition Membrane

DensDefy liquid flashing is a complementary product in the system, Georgia-Pacific says. The flexible, liquid flashing membrane is made with STP Technology that seals and protects against water intrusion between substrates, including rough openings, penetrations, joints, sheathing fasteners, and seams in new or existing wall assemblies. It also prevents unwanted air movement as part of the DensElement® Barrier System. “The product creates an elastomeric flashing membrane which is highly durable and eliminates the need for joint reinforcing tape, reducing overall preparation time,” the company adds.

Available in 20-ounce sausages in cases of 20, the product offers a series of benefits, Georgia-Pacific says:

  • Fast cure/moist cure (better tack time);
  • Low-temperature application (better cold weather performance);
  • Acceptance of rain immediately after application;
  • 12-month exposure to normal weather conditions;
  • Easy bond to most substrates; and
  • Easy installation.

The brand also unveiled a new DensDefy transition membrane. The gold-colored, self-adhering membrane is used to maintain continuity of the above-grade water-resistant barrier and air barrier at complicated transition areas of the DensElement Barrier System, the company says. It bonds easily to most building substrates, the company says, and allows for high elongation; low-temperature application; 12-month exposure to normal weather conditions; and adhesion without primer.

Georgia-Pacific says the product is perfect for situations where gaps in buildings are greater than 1 inch; transitions between dissimilar materials; vertical expansion, drift, or control joints; and the base of rough openings with the membrane looped into the joint.

It’s available in rolls measuring 6, 9, and 12 inches wide.


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