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Mar 5, 2018

Hansgrohe Introduces Contemporary Metropol Bath Faucets

Hansgrohe Metropol Select 260

Metropol Select 260 single-hole faucet

Faucet manufacturer Hansgrohe has introduced Metropol, a new line of contemporary sink and bath faucets for the bathroom.

Created by design studio Phoenix Design, the Metropol collection features straight lines, geometric contours, and cubic forms, giving each piece a sleek and modern look. The collection includes a variety of lavatory faucets in three heights, as well as freestanding and roman tub fillers.

“The Metropol line is multi-faceted, both in terms of its aesthetic, as well as its depth and breadth of offering,” says Ryan Ramaker, the company’s director of product development. “The collection’s precise lines and exceptional German engineering makes it an elegant and functional choice, and a great addition to our product assortment.”

Sink faucets in the collection can come with a variety of handles, including a flat lever handle, delicate loop handle, or one with integrated Select technology, which turns water on and off with the push of a button. They come in single- and three-hole configurations, and many of the models are ideal for saving space in small bathrooms, the company says.

Matching bath faucets are available in three and four hole roman tub spout trims, freestanding tub fillers, and tub spouts. All Metropol fixtures are available in chrome and brushed nickel.

The Select technology featured in some faucet options is mechanical and does not require electricity to function, making it simple to install. The company hopes the button function will save water by encouraging users to turn off faucets during tasks like brushing teeth. Each Metropol faucet also includes EcoRight technology, which adds air into water to make it more voluminous and effective despite a low flow rate of 1.2 gpm.

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