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Jun 7, 2020

Henrybuilt Launches New Freestanding Kitchen, Bath Furniture Line

Seattle-based Henrybuilt has launched a new line of freestanding furniture that the company says delivers the same craft quality, aesthetic appeal, and high function that characterizes the company’s fitted architectural kitchen and bath products.

The Primary Objects collection consists of more than 50 pieces and includes a wide range of applications, such as islands, pantries, vanities, and other storage solutions. Products are available for purchase à la carte. Henrybuilt says the collection is designed around the daily activities of life at home and is extremely interactive. They “can seamlessly transform for multiple uses, as the majority of pieces provide customization elements,” the company adds.

Henrybuilt Primary Objects Gibraltar Island With bar Block

Primary Objects Gibraltar Island With bar block


Since its founding in 2001, Henrybuilt has built a reputation among designers and architects for exquisitely designed luxury kitchens, wardrobes, work surfaces, and other accessories that are expressed in wood, brass, leather, Paperstone, high-pressure laminates, and aluminum, and much more. Primary Objects is an expansion of this tradition, the company says.

“For nearly two decades, we’ve helped clients elevate their experiences in their homes by designing a family of inter-related products that work together and have interchangeable components to fit their lives,” says Scott Hudson, Henrybuilt’s founder and creative director. “We’re bringing the same level of quality and innovation to Primary Objects as we do to our fitted offerings, but we are letting the homeowner or their designer do it in a more immediate, flexible way. The result will mean our clients can now own a piece of Henrybuilt without committing to a large-scale project.”

Henrybuilt Primary Objects Sidekick

Henrybuilt Primary Objects Sidekick 


As the company explains it, Primary Objects is a family of products that interrelate and many of the pieces can be reconfigured according to activity. Henrybuilt’s dedication to quality and flexible, specialized functionality challenge the age of disposable home-goods with pieces that are built to inspire and last.

Much of the collection—armoires, bars, or pantries—incorporates Opencase, the company’s interchangeable fitting system, to give single pieces multiple functions. “Other products within the line represent new varieties of objects emerging from Henrybuilt, such as the playful Gumdrop series of ottomans, or the numerous bathroom vanities and kitchen islands,” the company says. “The options push the aesthetic range for which Henrybuilt is known into new territory.”

Henrybuilt Primary Objects Ripple Vanity

Primary Objects Ripple Vanity

Items in the Primary Objects collection range in price from $1,500 (for seating) to $20,000 and $80,000 (for kitchen islands and other products).


Henrybuilt Primary Objects Sidekick 2

Primary Objects Sidekick

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