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Apr 15, 2019

IceStone Adds New Color to Recycled Glass Surfacing

IceStone Surfacing Confetti color

For the first time in four years, manufacturer IceStone has added a new a color to its collection of recycled glass surfacing.

The new color, Confetti, was inspired by another IceStone color, Snow Flurry. Both colors contain the smallest glass aggregates out of all the IceStone’s colors, but Confetti consists of red, green, blue, and clear glass, giving it a colorful and festive appeal.

Plus, Confetti’s white background allows it to blend in with any design, while the addition of the colorful glass aggregates bring a bit of pop and flair, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based manufacturer says.

“We're very excited about Confetti,” IceStone says. “It’s been four years since we’ve introduced a new color. It takes years to properly develop a brand new color concept and pattern with extensive research, development, and testing. Using our existing Snow Flurry as the base for Confetti and adding existing colors of glass used elsewhere helped us develop Confetti in a few short months.”

Founded in 2003, IceStone manufactures surfacing products that consist of recycled glass and cement. The manufacturer positions its products as a sustainable alternative to conventional stone. With the company’s goal of becoming a 100 percent sustainable company, Confetti allows IceStone to take advantage of extra glass in its inventory.

Confetti comes in various sizes and can be used for countertops, backsplashes, and bath vanities.


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