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Aug 5, 2019

Isenberg Unveils Dramatic Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet

 Isenberg Infinity wall mount bath faucet Color Green installed

Faucet manufacturer Isenberg has introduced a bold wall-mounted bath faucet that frames the side of the mirror before angling away from the wall toward the sink.

The Infinity faucet may be installed to the left or right of the mirror, making it a perfect choice for symmetrical dual vanities, the company says.

“Infinity, conceived in the Isenberg Design Lab in Dallas, Texas, brings a unique sculptural vibe to today’s modern bathroom that is certain to attract attention,” the company says. “The look is chic and sophisticated with elegant geometric lines and an array of exquisite finishes to choose from.”

The product is the latest offering from a company known for producing bold-designed faucets that also take water conservation into consideration (see here). Infinity measures 34 inches in height with a spout that projects 9 inches from the body. A hidden aerator allows for easy cleaning, the company says, and helps achieve a sleek, minimalist look. In addition, the unit uses a water-saving 1.2 gallons per minute with a standard ½-inch plumbing connection.

Infinity is offered in traditional metallic finishes such as chrome and brushed nickel, but Isenberg uses resin technology to create 20 ceramic-based finishes that include Gloss White, Matte Gold, Navy Blue, Defense Brown, and Gloss Black. The ceramic finishes are oven-cured to create a durable product that is corrosion-proof and resistant to scratches, chips and abrasive solvents, the brand says.

“The extraordinary design of the Infinity Faucet is further enhanced by a selection of lovely finishes,” the brand says. “Each faucet is machine polished to perfection, resulting in a smooth mirror finish that is truly stunning.”


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