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Sep 10, 2018

Island Stone Introduces Sculpted, Textured Stone Tiles

IslandStone ParagonHex backsplash with faucet

Tile manufacturer and supplier Island Stone has introduced a new natural stone wall tile featuring a textured surface and rhomboid shape.

Paragon Hex is made up of precision cut and sculpted rhomboid stone pieces. The unique pieces are placed into a hexagonal layout to create an interlocking tile with a rhomboid shape and a tapered, angled relief.

“Paragon Hex is a truly unique achievement in stone,” says Paul Sepulveda, national sales manager for Island Stone. “Typically, a shape this involved would be made out of porcelain or glass. The combination of complexity and sophistication Island Stone has achieved with Paragon Hex is a testament to our unique vision and intimate expertise with the stone medium.”


IslandStone ParagonHex gas range vent hood

Each hex-shaped tile is made up of 12 individuals pieces that are mounted on a mesh backing. Installed in a classic honey-cone pattern, it creates a textured accent wall of backsplash. “The edges of the Paragon Hex stones are lightly tumbled for a soft, punctuated look,” the company says.

The product comes in two colors: Sandstone Ocean and Sandstone Mint. Each hexagonal piece measures 5/8 inch deep at its thickest point and covers .38 square feet.

Paragon Hex is part of Island Stone’s Profile Series. The line also includes Paragon Chevron, in which the same rhomboid stones are interlocked into a repeating chevron pattern.

IslandStone ParagonHex kitchen wide


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