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Apr 21, 2021

Italian Manufacturer Introduces New Fireplace That Sanitizes Interiors

OLMAR SQUARE Sanitizing fireplace

Italian electric heating manufacturer OLMAR has introduced two new electric fireplaces that provides heat and sanitizes interiors.

Set to be released as part of Milan Design Week 2021, the two electric fireplaces include Line and Square. The products—which the company says “stand out for their geometric shapes, versatility and formal rigor”—were designed by Giulio Cappellini, who became the brand’s artistic director this year.

“OLMAR designs and produces heating and air sanitation and purification systems, with no flue or installation needed,” the company says in a release. “On the market since 1957, the company has achieved important milestones thanks to its technological know-how, well confirmed by the numerous patents and the registration in the special register of innovative start-ups.”

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In addition to the hiring of Cappellini, the company is undergoing a brand refresh and a corporate restyling project with a desire to combine high technological performance with contemporary design. The two new products are part of that.

Line is a heating and sanitizing system with a linear design. It consists of a sculptural element composed of glass panels in different colors and framed by a thin metal border. “As its name suggests, the lines created by the metal frame are the protagonist of the project,” the company says. “A rigorous geometric composition transforms the fireplace into a real piece of furniture.

The electric unit uses the technology of far infrared rays, also known as "biogenic rays" or "rays of life." It’s capable of penetrating the body, with a consequent increase in cutaneous and subcutaneous temperature. The company says the process creates thermal well-being, without the need for installation, maintenance and flue.

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OLMAR LINE sanitizing fireplace


The other new product, Square, also is a heating and sanitizing system that reinterprets the classic fireplace with a generous square border that frames the fire. It’s made from a metal frame that is available in different colors and finishes and also uses far infrared rays technology.

The two cutting edge technology in the fireplaces are far infrared rays technology (FIR) and ionic silver. Designed and patented by OLMAR, FIR allows the sanitization of residential, contract and outdoor environments, using Ionic Silver and air ozonation.

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The “products are able to kill bacteria, sanitize the air and act directly on the human metabolism, creating an immediate well-being feeling,” the company says. “Sanitation has never been as important as in this period. It includes all those operations necessary to make an environment healthy for people's lives, re-establishing an adequate climate in terms of temperature, ventilation and humidity. The use of a far infrared heating system, such as the one studied and created by OLMAR, reduces the risk of viral diseases and the development of allergies thanks to the total reduction of the levels of presence of bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi, molds, germs and parasites.”

The antibacterial properties of ionic silver further increases the beneficial effects of FIRs, the company says. The brand incorporates fused classic glass sheets with 75% pure silver glass sheets, enriching the FIRs healthful effects with the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of Ionic Silver.

OLMAR range of products will be exhibited in the Cappellini showroom until the end of July 2021.

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