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Feb 28, 2019

Jeld-Wen Unveils Affordably Priced Folding Patio Door


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Jeld Wen F-2500 Folding Patio Door exterior open

Window and door manufacturer Jeld-Wen has introduced a new folding patio door with luxury features and a modest price point.

“Typically, ‘retro’ patio doors are limited to hinged and sliding options,” said Daniel Castillo, the company’s senior vice president for doors. “The F-2500 adds a more affordable option to a whole new operating type.”

The F-2500 is a two-panel folding patio door system that features a fiberglass interior and an aluminum-clad frame. It also offers a bottom-mounted hardware track that the company says is easier to install and can be for used on remodeling projects or in new construction markets.

Jeld Wen F-2500 Folding Patio Door exterior closed

Large folding, lift/slide, and conventional sliding doors have been trending for many years as more and more consumers seek indoor/outdoor living. But such doors are pricey—in some cases up to $2,000 per panel or more—and manufacturers have been trying for years to come up with more entry-level systems with style.

Jeld-Wen believes it has accomplished this. The folding unit, the company says, offers functionality and a large-glass profile. “It’s the only known fiberglass folding wall system designed and priced for a mass-market audience,” Castillo says.

The F-2500 will launch in April 2019 at select retailers and will be available through Jeld-Wen dealers later in the year.

Jeld Wen F-2500 Folding Patio Door interior partial open


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