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Apr 22, 2020

Leviton Releases Smart Wi-Fi Tamper-Resistant Outlet

 Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi Tamper Resistant Outlet with Cell phone

Electrical devices manufacturer Leviton has unveiled a Decora Smart Wi-Fi tamper-resistant outlet that allows homeowners to turn lamps or other small appliances that are plugged into the  receptacle through the My Leviton app.

The device is compatible with Google Assistant devices and all products that support Amazon Alexa, including the new Leviton Decora Smart Voice Dimmer, providing voice control such as, “Alexa, turn entryway outlet off,” the company says. Both receptacles in the Wi-Fi outlet are tamper-resistant, featuring built-in shutters to prevent the insertion of unintended foreign objects and potential electrical shock.


“As homeowners increasingly adopt smart home technology, many are looking for solutions that go unnoticed throughout the house and that don’t require additional devices that would add to clutter, like a hub or a bulky plug-in,” said Tom Morgan, director, product management for Leviton. “That’s why we have focused on designing the Decora Smart Wi-Fi Tamper-Resistant Outlet as a solution to seamlessly match a homeowners’ existing aesthetic. The device was also made to be as slim as possible for easy installation, while still providing homeowners with our award-winning smart home capabilities.”

In addition to turning devices that are plugged into the top receptacle on and off while at home or away, homeowners can use the My Leviton App for more customizable control options. For example, homeowners can schedule Wi-Fi outlets to turn on and off at certain times of the day, including at sunrise or sunset; they may also create scenes with other Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices to control multiple appliances, electronics, lights or fans at once through the app or through voice control. Finally, homeowners can use the auto-shutoff feature in the My Leviton app to turn off appliances or other electronics plugged into the top outlet of the DW15R receptacle after a preset amount of time.

“The outlet’s vanishing feedback LED can be adjusted to an individual’s preferred settings through the My Leviton app,” the company says. “This can include showing the load status, having the LED lit to help locate the Wi-Fi outlet in the dark or keeping the LED off if the device is installed in a bedroom or other light-sensitive area of the home.”


As part of the Decora Smart Wi-Fi product family, the Wi-Fi Tamper-Resistant Outlet does not require a hub, and the intelligence is built in, Leviton says. “A Wi-Fi connection is all homeowners need for fast set-up and they can rest assured knowing that their schedules will continue to run even during temporary internet outages,” the company explains. “By combining the Wi-Fi outlet with other Decora Smart Wi-Fi products, homeowners can build a complete smart home experience that includes control of dimmers, switches, plug-ins, fan speeds and more.”

The Wi-Fi Tamper-Resistant Outlet’s clean aesthetic is consistent with Leviton Decora products to create a unified look throughout the home. It ships in white, but the unit has color-change kits available to match popular interior décor including Light Almond, Ivory, Black, Brown, and Gray.

More importantly, Leviton says, the product utilizes the free IFTTT service to join My Leviton products, like the Decora Smart Wi-Fi Tamper-Resistant Outlet, with other Internet of Things enabled products to create a smarter home automation experience.

The Decora Smart Tamper-Resistant Outlet is now available for purchase.



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