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Mar 28, 2016

LP Building Products, Dryvit Launch Alternative to Stucco Siding

LP building products lp smartside stucco panel with Dryvit Textured Acrylic Finish

Nashville, Tenn.-based LP Building Products has developed a new exterior cladding system that combines its SmartSide engineered wood panels and Dryvit’s Textured Acrylic Finishes 3.

An alternative to three-coat stucco, the new system installs faster and provides superior impact resistance compared to the traditional method, the company says.

“LP is finding innovative solutions to simplify building processes for builders, an example of which is Dryvit TAFS 3 over LP SmartSide Substrate,” David Josey, segment manager at LP, says in a statement announcing the launch. “LP SmartSide Substrate is a proven solution that has been in use for more than eight years.”

According to the Census Bureau, stucco accounts for roughly 22 percent of the siding market nationally—58 percent in the Western market—but LP says builders who use the system typically incur high material costs, long installation and cure times, and the potential for long-term durability issues. Dryvit TAFS 3 over LP SmartSide is cheaper and faster, the company claims.


The foundation of the system is LP’s SmartSide treated engineered wood panels. Measuring 4 feet wide and 8, 9, or 10 feet long, the structural panels are treated with the company’s SmartGuard process to resist fungal decay and termite damage and replace the normal OSB sheathing. Specially modified for acrylic-finish application, the panels are coated with Dryvit TAFS 3.

TAFS 3 includes joint treatment, primer, and a textured, integrally colored acrylic finish, the company says. It offers an unlimited range of textures and color options and can be customized to meet the homeowner’s taste.

“While many of the textures replicate stucco, special finishes are also available to provide the realistic look of granite, limestone, and even brick,” says Tony Stall, vice president of business development for Dryvit Systems. “This design flexibility allows builders to offer many other high-demand exterior looks beyond stucco when using the TAFS 3 built on LP SmartSide Substrate system.”

In addition to lower cost and faster installation time, the system offers a flexible, durable surface that resists cracking and looks crisper and cleaner than stucco, the company says. But it’s applied faster and offers more value than traditional three-coat stucco, the companies say.

The system is already used widely in Texas and will be introduced in other markets around the country in 2016.


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