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May 19, 2021

Modular, Customizable Technology-Integrated Cabana From StruXure Hits the Market

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Pergola designer and manufacturer StruXure wanted to offer a less permanent, more affordable option for outdoor living projects, so it developed Cabana X.

StruXure’s pergola products are high-end, luxury installations that start at $15,000, says StruXure CEO Scott Selzer, where the Cabana X starts at $7,997. In addition, the permanence of a pergola may not be for everybody or every project. Selzer says the Cabana X fills in that gap by offering a cheaper, less permanent option for outdoor living projects.

“Everyone can use more protected outdoor space these days,” says Selzer. “So we designed a louvered-roof cabana, similar to our Pergola X, that is smaller, easy to assemble, and can be set up wherever it’s needed most.” 


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Cabana X is a customizable, modular cabana product made from powder-coated extruded aluminum. The current model measures at 10-by-10-feet with four posts, four beams, and 17 louvers. Smaller sizes will be made available in the future.

There are two models available for purchase, Core and Tech. Core offers the cabana in its simplest form, whereas Tech adds technology for strip lighting and remote controls via a smartphone app. Both models are customizable with prefab wall panels, curtains, corbels, and fold-out couches with black or white frames, and black, white, or teak wood grain louvers.

With more Americans interested in using their outdoor spaces as an extension of their indoors, Cabana X’s power wall panels offer residential pros a simple way to bring entertainment to the outdoors. More homeowners want some sort of technology in their backyards, Brian McGinnis, sales manager for Drees Homes’ Washington D.C. division, previously told PRODUCTS.

“Another favorite product is technology-enabled privacy walls with outlets and low-voltage cables,” McGinnis said. “These are more popular than ever since the pandemic has caused people to spend a lot more time at home. It is really valuable for homeowners to enjoy an outdoor space where they can plug in their laptops and phones for remote working and learning. These types of privacy walls are also a great option for incorporating entertainment outdoors like TVs, smart devices, and speakers.”


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Selzer says there are thousands of combinations of the Cabana X available. Cabanas can also be linked together to create larger coverings for a variety of outdoor projects, the company says.

“For a builder, it’s a great product to be able to put on a back patio or deck,” says Selzer. “It’s super easy to install and something they can do easily themselves, and it’s going to add value to the home.”

The Cabana X also comes with a five-year warranty and claims to withstand most weather conditions. Removable louvers can keep the cabana from blowing away during high winds, and the entire structure can be stripped down within 10 minutes, says Selzer. If maintained well, the Cabana X can last much longer than five years.

The cabana in its simplest Core form features clean lines and a modern aesthetic, but the company offers different enhancements to ensure the design can blend into an array of styles. For example, corbels can be added to the structure for a more traditional look, and curtains can soften the appearance.

Caroline Broderick

Caroline Broderick is the associate editor of PRODUCTS.

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