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Feb 15, 2019

Moen Debuts First Garbage Disposal Motion-Activated Light

Moen EX100c New Lighted Garbage Disposal

Faucet manufacturer Moen has developed a new garbage disposal equipped with movement-sensing technology to illuminate storage space under the kitchen sink.

When the cupboard door is opened, a light activates to give users more visibility under the kitchen sink. It’s the first-ever motion-activated lighted garbage disposal, the company says.

“The area under the kitchen sink often can feel like an abyss of forgotten products, with lack of light making it difficult to see and find what you’ve stored inside,” says Chris Nealon, senior product manager for disposals and sinks at Moen. “But now, just like the lights in your refrigerator and oven, the motion-activated lighted garbage disposal will illuminate the space around the appliance, so that struggling to see under the sink becomes a thing of the past.”

Moen EX100c New Lighted Garbage Disposal 3

The EXL100c disposal, available exclusively at The Home Depot stores and, offers six LED lights that activate when triggered by cabinet door movement. A 75-lumen output—comparable to the light provided by 75 birthday candles—illuminates the cupboard. Moreover, a positionable sensor adapts to any installation, the company says, and a front-facing battery compartment allows for quick replacement when needed.

In addition to the light, the garbage disposal has a 1-horsepower engine, SoundShield insulation to help reduce sound, and features to make installation easy—such as Fast Track technology, a simple snap tool that quickly secures the mounting assembly; and an easy-open dishwasher inlet that allows for an easy connection. It also comes with a removable power cord for optional hardwiring.

“All Moen disposals also feature Vortex permanent magnet motor technology, which quickly and powerfully grinds food scraps, allowing users to spend more time at the dinner table and less time at the sink,” Moen says. “The Vortex permanent magnet motor also provides fast revolutions per minute, which can help to reduce jamming, while a continuous feed means the disposal continues to grind as long as power is on.”

Moen EX100c New Lighted Garbage Disposal 2