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Feb 16, 2016

NanaWall Releases Kitchen Transition 2.0 Single-Track Sliding System


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NanaWall Systems combination system called Kitchen Transition 2.0

NanaWall Systems has combined its single-track sliding glass windows and sliding floor-to-ceiling glass walls to create a combination system called Kitchen Transition 2.0.

The product, the company says, brings the sights, sounds, and fresh air into the ideal indoor/outdoor experience with the ability to have open corners, eliminating the need for posts in the middle of the kitchen area.

“Kitchen Transition 2.0 is the ultimate window/door combination that opens completely to create an outdoor kitchen and a sense of spaciousness for everyday use and entertaining,” says NanaWall CEO Ebrahim Nana. “When closed, Kitchen Transition 2.0 provides secure weather protection and durability in all climates, from tropical coastal homes to wintery ski cabins.”

Each panel of the window/wall system opens and operates independently. When open, the glass panels are able to seamlessly disappear into a pocket and out of view. The company says combinations can be created for virtually any kitchen that faces a backyard, courtyard, or deck.

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