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Dec 4, 2017

New Delta Faucet Homeowner Index Sheds Light on Remodeling Habits

Delta Remodeling preferences

The Delta Faucet company has published its latest Homeowner Index that tracks renovation, design, and purchase habits among today’s homeowners while investigating key seasonal insights related to the home.

“At Delta Faucet, we are grounded in work that identifies consumer habits to develop products and innovations that deliver against consumers’ wants and needs,” Paul Ponsford, senior market research manager at Delta, said in a statement. “The index allows us to track the ever-changing landscape bi-annually and offer perspective on seasonal trends, particularly as they relate to the kitchen and bath as well as form and function.”

In its first iteration, Delta Faucet found that many homeowners (56%) have avoided hosting a party at home because they felt their home first needed to be updated or remodeled. "Those upgrades may not be as costly and time consuming as homeowners assume given that half of those surveyed cite a multi-functional shower head as a must-have for hosting guests, far outweighing upgrades like heated flooring (21%) or wireless speakers (18%)," the company says.

Keeping a pulse on consumer preferences in the home, the index finds that the vast majority of parents (85%) would rather receive the gift of a free kitchen upgrade than free babysitting every weekend for a year.

Remodeling preferences from Delta


It also finds that homeowners note, on average, that they would be willing to spend $13,500 to remodel their entire kitchen.


Homeowners want upgrades before hosting guests.


More than half the homeowners surveyed (53%) prefer stainless steel as the finish of choice in the kitchen, more than double the second choice, nickel (24%), while matte black (20%) and chrome (20%) rounded out the preferences.

Homeowners prefer stainless steel


More than half of women surveyed (54%) report they would do some, if not all, the work on a kitchen or master bathroom remodel, compared to men (46%).

Women would be involved in remodeling



This research shows how critical it is to educate your clients on the true costs of remodeling. What we have found is once our client understands the actual costs, they rethink the remodel has an investment in their home and understand the importance of underspending and overspending in their home.

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