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Feb 14, 2020

New Nebia by Moen Can Cut Water Usage by Nearly Half

Moen Nebia Showering System bath woman showering
The latest shower model provides the company’s best coverage yet at its lowest price

Nebia has partnered with Moen to create Nebia by Moen, the company’s newest shower with the hottest maximum temperatures and best coverage. 

“By coupling Nebia’s atomization expertise with Moen’s world-class design and manufacturing capabilities, we created our most thoughtful, versatile, and accessible shower system yet,” Nebia says. “Our partnership with Moen helps us scale our technology like never before. Our hope is that Nebia by Moen will reach more homes than ever and play a critical role in our ambitious goal to save one billion gallons of water by 2021.”  

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The Nebia by Moen uses atomization technology to turn the water into smaller droplets than traditional showers, creating a hot mist with twice the coverage of a standard shower. Two packages are available: One with an adjustable rainshower head, and one that includes a 10-inch shower wand to wash hard to reach places. 

Previously, Nebia launched Nebia and Nebia 2.0. Compared to the other models, Nebia by Moen has larger droplets that retain more heat. The company says it is their warmest shower yet with the most spray force and coverage. Though the Nebia 2.0 saves more water at up to 65 percent, the company created Nebia by Moen to expand the shower’s reach with the shower selling at the company’s lowest price point offered.

“Our goal was not only to save water but to develop a superior shower experience, one that made people want to save water,” the company says. “After years of experimentation, we achieved this through atomization, the process of breaking up water into tiny droplets. This solution creates the sensation of more water while actually using less.”

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With precision and speed, the shower directs its water droplets so the drops hit at the right place at the right temperature. The company says its diameter coverage is 20 inches at a distance of 18-inches away from the head, which is over twice the size of a standard 8-inch showerhead’s coverage.  

“While traditional showers use flow restrictors or regulators, we use a pressure regulator,” Nebia says. “Instead of limiting the amount of water that can go through your shower, Nebia by Moen controls the pressure to our proprietary nozzle array to deliver the perfect spray across all showers, from a tiny home in the countryside, to a penthouse apartment in the heart of downtown.”

By using Nebia by Moen, consumers can reduce their water usage up to 45 percent when compared to a standard 2.5-gpm showerhead. The company claims it would take up to 18 minutes to use the same amount of water that a ten-minute shower would with a traditional shower system when using just the showerhead.


Materials used for the easy-to-install shower include high-grade sustainable aluminum, brass, and precision plastics. The EPA Watersense-certified shower comes in three new finishes: matte black, white+chrome, and a Moen-branded spot-resist nickel finish that the company claims prevents water stains and fingerprints. 

On Kickstarter, where the product is available for preorder, they’ve exceeded their fundraising goals by nearly $1,000,000. The company plans to ship these pre-orders starting at the end of March 2020.