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Sep 21, 2020

A New Outdoor Kitchen Sink For Small Workstations

Outdoor kitchen cooking sink

Sink manufacturer Ruvati created its latest Merino outdoor kitchen sink collection with al fresco entertaining and social distancing in mind, the company says.

Ruvati says its sinks are made to stand the test of time and have a lifetime guarantee. The Merino Collection’s debut marks the company’s first outdoor product. And just like its indoor kitchen sinks, it’s outdoor units are backed with a limited lifetime warranty, the company says.

This release comes at a fitting time as more and more homeowners continue to revamp areas of the home, including outdoor spaces.


Outdoor sink colander accessory

According to a recent NPR article, the demand for outdoor products has increased since the beginning of shelter-in-place orders nearly six months ago. Out of all home improvement projects, backyard projects have surged the most, according to the article. 

"Demand for outdoor living products is surging," Nancy Musselwhite, a building materials industry analyst for Principia Consulting, told NPR. "Homeowners sheltering in place during peak COVID regulations developed a renewed interest in their backyards, really, as an extension of their home."

Merino Outdoor Kitchen Sinks Add Functionality & Class

Merino outdoor kitchen sinks are available in one standard marine-grade stainless steel finish and in sizes such as 15 by 15 inches, 15 by 20 inches, and 21 by 20 inches. This steel is thick, which is ideal for heavy-duty use, the company says. It is resistant to dents, bends, corrosion, and rusting, which is why Ruvati says it can even work on boat decks. 


Ruvati outdoor al fresco kitchen sink


Completed by a commercial grade brushed finish, the Merino sinks are easy to clean and hide any scratches easier than a satin finish. But users must not use bleach, allow soap or cleaners to dry on the sink’s surface, or scrub the sink with steel wool pads.

Noise from placing pots, pans, and dishes into the sink will not be loud, or even noticeable, due to a rubber padding feature called NoiseDefend. This padding minimizes noise and condensation, according to Ruvati. In addition, the outdoor kitchen sink has a SoundGuard undercoating.

The drop-in topmount sink has a depth of 9 inches and at the bottom is a stainless steel rinse grid with a basket strainer drain. That’s not the only accessory that comes with the sinks though.


Outdoor stainless steel sink

This sink can be ideal for smaller outdoor kitchens that have little counter space to spare. There is a single-tier track that allows homeowners to add sliding accessories such as a stainless steel colander or solid cutting board that fits flush onto the top of the sink. 

Made from sapele wood, the cutting board accessory delivers a dark hardwood finish with water-resistant capabilities. Sapele wood comes from Africa, is known for being durable against rotting, and looks much like Mahogany.

To install, the minimum base cabinet size required is 18 inches. The sink will accommodate a garbage disposal through its standard 3.5 inch drain opening.

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