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Mar 23, 2017

A New Resource Center Offering Strategies for Livable Remodeling

BuildClean dust control solutions online Resource Center

BuildClean, a manufacturer of dust control solutions (see story here), has launched an online Resource Center filled with strategies to help pros and homeowners ensure a safe and comfortable remodeling experience.

The information hub includes articles, videos, information sheets, and other tools that explain the concept of livable remodeling and why it matters, the company says. Topics include remodeling in a home in which an occupant has breathing issues, developing a dust control plan, selecting a clean contractor, and designing a reasonable project schedule.

“With 90 percent of homeowners staying in their home throughout a project, these topics are incredibly important,” says Brian Paich, business development manager for BuildClean. “Our goal with the Resource Center is to provide everyone with the insight they need to make sure homeowners get the safest and most comfortable remodeling experience possible. While homeowners expect their contractors to do the right thing, they need to really understand how to make that happen.”

The Resource Center is divided into contractor and homeowner portals, each containing a range of advice and best practices. A Video Center also provides how-to details on using BuildClean’s dust management tools.