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Nov 7, 2019

Ornamental Mouldings Develops Reversible Stair Risers

Ornamental Mouldings Millwork Reversible Stair Treads Chevron Staircase

Decorative wood moulding manufacturer Ornamental Mouldings & Millwork has developed an innovative reversible riser collection that allows installers to choose decorative surface options based on the interior of the home.

“Each panel gives contractors two decorative options to enhance a stairway,” says Keith Early, vice president of marketing and new product development at Ornamental Mouldings & Millwork.

The Reversible Risers collection comes in two styles: a shiplap and beaded planking version and an oak and primed smooth version. “The deep grooves in the shiplap and wainscot beaded plank version are ideal for country-style and beach homes,” Early explains. “For more formal settings, the oak and primed risers provide unlimited ways to personalize a staircase through staining or painting.”

Ornamental Mouldings Millwork Reversible Stair Treads Beaded Reverse

Each Reversible Riser is 42-inches long, 7½ inches wide, and measure 3/8-inches thick. The primed sides of either version can easily be painted, while the oak version can be finished to match existing décor.

“The risers can be cut-to-size and glued on over existing risers to give a stairway a new look,” says Early, “Or, they can be used with new treads. This is an extremely easy, yet effective, way to add a unique design element to a stairway.

“Contractors can use their creativity by suggesting to homeowners that they paint each stair riser in different shades of a specific color and have them lead up to a second floor,” Early continues. “Or, recommend matching the color of the hand rail system with a unique stain on the stair risers. This is an easy way for contractors, remodelers and builders to customize and personalize a stair system to enhance a home or commercial setting.”

The Reversible Risers are available through Lowe’s and

Ornamental Mouldings Millwork Reversible Stair Treads Oak silo

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